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WTF is happening with Spamvilla?

I signed up and made payment.

No Payment Confirmation. No Login Details. Nothing. I have not got one email from them.


Hey I just signed up for spamvilla ocr, have not received any emails, can u expedite process please? email is r*********
[12:20:12 PM] kelvinthechamp: what do you need?
[12:21:44 PM] Ryan P***: Hey I just signed up for spamvilla ocr, have not received any emails, can u expedite process please? email is
[12:22:07 PM] kelvinthechamp: please send us email
[12:22:18 PM] Ryan P*** my email is
[12:23:11 PM] kelvinthechamp: ok .
[12:23:16 PM] kelvinthechamp: please send us again email
[12:23:22 PM] kelvinthechamp: from the site
[12:23:51 PM] Ryan P***: WHat do you mean from the site?
[12:24:02 PM] Ryan P***: Under contact us on your website you don't have a form or anything
[12:25:17 PM] Ryan P***: I emailed
[12:25:22 PM] Ryan P***: Is that what you wanted?
[12:25:29 PM] kelvinthechamp: yes
[12:25:49 PM] kelvinthechamp: have you paid for OCR?
[12:33:21 PM] Ryan P***: yes
[12:33:50 PM] Ryan P***: I made payment. for $30.00 Starter Package
[12:34:16 PM] Ryan P***: But have not received ANY emails at all. I don't even see how I can login? No instructions whatsoever
[1:33:42 PM] Ryan P***: ANy Updates?
[4:04:15 PM] Ryan P***: Man, I paid $30 early today and have still not heard from you.  WHat is going on?
[4:04:46 PM] Ryan P***: Can I get something? a login? any email whatsoever would be fine. Something to even let me know the process is moving

Seriously what is this?  Customer Service? Im like stunned and baffled. How can you treat customers this way? How can you run a business this way? I really just want to use the service. CaptchaTronix success rate kinda sucks for me, and heard spamvilla ocr was better for recaptcha and just want an OCR that is a fixed monthly fee per threads before sending out to another captcha service.  GSA CB>SPAMVILLA>DBC.  Thats all I want.  I am Baffled at the way Im being treated.


  • This is pretty much my experience as well about a year ago
  • I'm afraid he's the flakiest person around. I'd claim my money back from Paypal and then try the monthly service from
  • Spamvilla finally got back to me and i am now solving captchas  - for anyone who didnt know SHANIBPO has updated and they are phenominal
  • thecloud 

    this is bullshit no conversation ever happened with me like that ? you must be added some one else 
    if you order the from our shopping cart simply login at and look for ticket with api access details my real id is kelvinthechamp   and i heard some one is trying to setup me with dup id which is kelvinthechamp.  (ends with dot) ... so beware all
    my real email id is and i never ask clients to send email via our site if i am online it can be confirmed by anyone

  • please look closely at this below image 

    i took this from my skype see my status above its me real kelvinthechamp and that scammer you have chat with

  • see above screenshot please and make sure you talking again to right guy

  • NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp
    I made a conversation with the fake person too.... Because my Service NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!! So i dont know, that the spamvilla is a fake service provider, or what? I have payed for the service, but not working! I made a service ticket, but no one answer me!

    activation is already done yesterday night it self
    [2015.03.20. 15:07:41] Róbert Fehér: Hello, i see, but i dont know its working?
    [2015.03.20. 16:37:03] Róbert Fehér: Please help me, where can i see what pictures are solved, and what dont?
    [2015.03.20. 16:38:26] Róbert Fehér: how can i be sure, that its not Fake?
    [2015.03.20. 19:35:10] Kelvin Kamrov: hello once u entered the info click test balance and it will show u
    [2015.03.20. 19:35:15] Kelvin Kamrov: balance as 9.99
    [2015.03.20. 19:35:19] Kelvin Kamrov: if it does that
    [2015.03.20. 19:35:29] Kelvin Kamrov: its working and connection is established
    [2015.03.20. 19:36:32] Róbert Fehér: Yes, i show it. But I get so many image type captchas, so i think your service not solving anything.
    [2015.03.20. 19:36:53] Kelvin Kamrov: Hmm wait then whats ur info please ?
    [2015.03.20. 19:36:55] Kelvin Kamrov: tell me
    [2015.03.20. 19:37:12] Róbert Fehér: I use GSA SER
    [2015.03.20. 19:37:42] Kelvin Kamrov: my universal ocr solve as many images shows in GSA CB or captcha sniper + many more
    [2015.03.20. 19:37:55] Kelvin Kamrov: thats doesnt means it can solve each and every images
    [2015.03.20. 19:38:03] Kelvin Kamrov: let me check your account though
    [2015.03.20. 19:38:12] Kelvin Kamrov: whats was your api access information ?
    [2015.03.20. 19:39:10] Róbert Fehér: ip: 63.223.******
    [2015.03.20. 19:39:18] Róbert Fehér: login: ******
    [2015.03.20. 19:39:24] Róbert Fehér: do you need password too?
    [2015.03.20. 19:39:30] Kelvin Kamrov: nope
    [2015.03.20. 19:39:49] Kelvin Kamrov: okay give me 10 min fixing things for you
    [2015.03.20. 19:40:02] Róbert Fehér: thank you
    [2015.03.20. 20:28:57] Róbert Fehér: do you fixed?
    [2015.03.20. 20:29:28] Kelvin Kamrov: i m doing it please wait
    [2015.03.20. 20:29:52] Róbert Fehér: ok, please note me if you done
    [2015.03.20. 23:51:04] Róbert Fehér: Hello. Do you fixed that?

    That was all... Am i cheated? I dont want to waste my money!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kelvin still alive?  My service is not working!
  • last issue was solved for several hours.
  • my spamvilla acct is not able to connect  too, submitted a support ticket  just wait and see now
  • they are in down again. + created double bills. tired already.
  • FFS not again!! First EVE now this shit. I really don't want to change providers as I had a good thing going, but I'm sick to fucking death of hearing that Spamvilla/Kelvin has gone AWOL multiple times per year.

    Fuck this shit, my month is just about ended anyway.
  • magicallymagically
    LOL I couldn't stop laughing - AWOL:D

    Yeah I know what you mean and it's quite annoying. 
  • I have been trying to contact since the 17th.  Just canceled my accounts.  Gave shanibpo a shot.  So far pretty amazing.  Great customer suppport and almost all captchas are being solved.  They actually respond quickly which is almost unheard of these days.  I guess rehab is not like it used to be.


  • magicallymagically

    "I guess rehab is not like it used to be...."


  • Shani IS THE MAN BRO
  • Cheap, great service
  • please post similar alternatives to spamvilla from your expirience with monthly unlimited plan. see captchatronix can solve way more captchas than before.
  • edited April 2015
    problem solved after 2 days  

    but I also find out the connection to spamvilla server slow my links building speed, I am use the entry level 15 threads package  
  • Is Spamvilla working for anyone? Any reason why it was shit this past month?
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