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Does GSA use STANDARD Google Operators to search??

edited January 2013 in GSA Email Spider
Allot of other email extractors, say they do but they really dont... you get different SERPS with other products..  it is odd..

so here is what I want to do: "Basketball Team Website and Basketball Websites powered by Active Network"

will provide me with all the basketball teams and their perspective coaches in that network...  :-)  

the question I have is this..  will GSA go through all provided SERP URLs (upto 1000) and dig into each URL and extract ALL emails....

the reason I say ALL emails is because some would ONLY extract the first email they see and move on..  it kills me...

here is a good example of a url with multiple emails in it..

would GSA extract ALL email on that page or just the first one???

any help would be appreciated..



  • SvenSven

    Well that depends. You need to enable the option below the box where you enter the keyword to spider also sublinks. However this would only mean that if extracts the first sublink found on the result page. It will not parse the links on the sublinks if you know what  I mean. However all emails get extracted not just one.

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