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Is WAC still being supported?

I sent a help ticket in 12 days ago and no response. Anyone getting help with them?


  • For me also they're not responding to emails
  • Your question was too inconvenient or difficult to answer :D Try something simple like how can I upgrade to premium.
    I used to get a response from them to try to install WAC on a different machine. It may help you too. :D
    I would recommend you to give a try to SCM. It has a free trial period and it's just pure awesomeness comparing to WAC. Others may say KM is equally fine which could be true but I haven't tried that one yet.
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    TheGypsy Nah, there where just busy.

    "Sorry i was busy with something else. All emails were replied to. Let me know if yours wasn't? Regards,
  • @Unknown717 Happy to hear that! I may give WAC a shot again. They may have released an update and everything works flawlessly now...
  • My question was, no matter what settings I choose It wont give me any articles with more than or less than 5 paras, that's all It will give me
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    verticalvic If you're building Tier 1 content that is the only option. If you build mass spun garbage articles you can change the paragraph # through settings.

    You can build your own mega spun paragraphs and throw those in here and there to mix things up.
  • +1 for scm

    wac is beta software in comparison
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