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Keywords per campaign

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HOw many keywords do you guys use per campaign to ensure it keeps running for 2 weeks without a dropoff in verified links?

I'm finding mine dropoff pretty quick using around 1.5k keywords per campaign.  I try to find contextual targets so I only scrape keywords closely related to my niche.



  • anyone?  cheers.
  • The answer depends on how many links I intend to build overall.

    Typically speaking, most domains have a huge percentage of 1-time anchors. That is links that have a completely unique anchor text from any other link.

    If you planned on building 1.5k links, 1.5k keywords would be the absolute lowest limit I would employ.

    Of course, that is imperfect as well since I would build a larger majority of my links with plain URL's and branding terms.

    It can never hurt to have too many keywords these days it seems.
  • got it thanks.  i just notified a dropoff in #links built a day in my campaigns was wondering if it's keyword related.
  • Hey, I just realized that I may have mistaken keywords for anchors.... :)

    I use about 100k keywords

    My mistake, sorry for misleading you if it did
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @GODOVERYOU - how do you avoid using keywords that generate similar results? I.e. they have a heavy SE overlap? If you're at 100k, they must either be quite irrelevant, or have a very very similar overlap, resulting in parsing the same results again and again and again. :-0
  • i'm experimenting with a seed keyword list of 100k top search terms to experiment.
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