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Easy question about link lists - Please help me!

This seems easy enough but I have no idea how to do it...

So I have my main site list at all times which I use for video campaigns.

But I want to start a new campaign that creates links from a smaller site list that I've built myself.

This list is completely different from my main site list.

I know how to overwrite my main site list with the new site list, but i don't want to do that, I just want to specify to use the new site list on the new campaign.

So I guess the question is...

How can I have multiple site lists in GSA but specify the site list I want to use for each campaign?

Thanks for reading


  • SvenSven
    Hmm if you have different target URLs for special sites, I simply would import that directly to the project and disable the site lists for that project,
  • @Sven I didn't know you can import list directly to a project?  I only know about importing the list through Global Options.  How would I do that?
  • SvenSven
    edited March 2015
    right click on the project->import target urls->... There you can also import a *.sl (packed site lists).
  • Thanks Sven.  This really helped out!
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