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[HELP] Very low LpM...

edited January 2013 in Need Help
Hi GSA Member

I have run GSA Search Engine for a couple of month and today i found a very low LpM only 0.33 at my GSA. And my project setting was this :

tier1 setting :
- 100 Verify a day
- PR>1
- OBL < 100
- Use verify global list
- Verify link automatically
- Don't post on the same domain

tier2 setting :
- 1000 submission a day
- use verify global list
- verify link custom time 3000

The search engine i use is select all English - 156

Thread 180
HTML - 120
Search queries - 10
30 dedicated proxies from - use it everywhere
Use GSA CB and CSX 3 for the captcha solving.
I have 21 project with 2 tier above
Keyword i use 100K generic keyword

How to increase the LpM for this vps?



  • SvenSven

    GSA = company

    GSA * = product/software

  • :D sorry @sven... after i restart it, the problem solve... now i'm at 20+LpM
  • fuc??? i think i am doing something wrong, when i run mines for long time i have a avg. of 1 to 2 per minute

    i am getting jealous on those numbers

  • What did you do exactly? I restarted it , didnt helped at all.
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