At any cost i have been told not to use gsa on tier 1 link building is this right. If i cant build tier 1 links with gsa then whats my next best automated tool or is it down to original content not scraping and spinning and the quality of backlinks been created


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
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    Thats just BS...you can create quality links for tier1 with SER (btw GSA is the company name). It'S all about your filter and content.
  • craigbal1craigbal1 United Kingdom
    So should i use original content or can i use kontent machine to scrape and spin.Thanks im just sick of all the different opinions i have been creating tier 1 links for all of my projects with Gsa and have had good results but got it into my head that i should not  do this because i was listening to other opinions. Thanks you have put my mind at rest
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    Agree with Sven. BUT, be careful. It is all about quality on Tier 1. And hold back on the throttle. I would read through the threads for specific strategy. It is all on there. KM is the right choice for content imo.Get private proxies. I would also recommend buying a good target list.
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     You must add some filters for better quality.
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    Please use this filter:

    PR2+ Contextual Links
    Article should be manually created ultra spinnable! Writing 3-5
    paragraph variations of article and 3-5 sentence of each paragraph
    variation and putting that in spintax format making it 8000-12000 words.
    The output should produce 400-500 words per Spin-Click. it should be highly readable.

    Make 10 verified links a day for your money site continuously 30 days.

    Create 300 Tier-2 Contextual links daily for those 10 verifieds a day with (mixed PR).

    Daily create 301 redirects from URL REDIRECT PRO to each created contextual link with PR5+ filter daily.

    At the end blast million of links (spammy ones) to those redirects daily! : ) -> I bet you will achieve rankings : )
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    Woooo Great.I Learn something Thankyou.
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    sabahat knows what he is talking about.

    golden advice
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