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Parse only first result for every keywords imported

I would to parse only first result for every keywords imported in Gsa Email Spider.
When i write "1" after "How many search results to parse", after the software change 1 with 10.
I want only the first result. It's possible to configure that? It's really important, I have a list of company (keywords) to parse and scrape emails.


  • SvenSven
    sorry no, because most search engines return 10+ results and the program is not counting what result was the first in the listing (because of speed).
  • Ok, thank for reply. In the new beta version of another famous scraping software has possibilities to scrape a customized number of results. Staff says that this option is not faster like full page links result but it's possible. It's possible also scrape the first result.
    I think that can be a really good idea to Gsa Email Spider to add this functionality because yours is a really good software for some purposes and I like more to use Gsa.
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