Strange Verified issue - no engine matches

I've got a strange issue that maybe someone can help with. I grab all my verifieds from the past 30 days. I dedupe with Scrapebox then I even engine detect them with GSA SER. I grab the list of detected verifieds and import it into a new project and I get a ton of "no engine matches". This were from actual verifieds so why are they showing as "no engine matches"?


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    maybe, in new project you un-selected engines which are on the list.
    e.g: list have urls from articles, in new project articles are not selected.
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    This can happen for a variety of reasons and there is one way to deal with this issue.

    In the options tab in your project settings, tick the option that says continuously try to post if failed before.

    This will improve your submission as well as verified rate.

    P.S. I assume you are building links from global site lists.
  • Thanks to both of you! I had some errors in my engine selection to say the least.
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