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Submitted count getting crazy

sysco32sysco32 Skopje
As i said the submitted count at the bottom is going crazy it is speeding like a Porsche and the submitted count on the projects are barely moving.In one hour the submitted count at the bottom is 14183 /from 0/ - verified is 483 total submitted for the projects is 4550 total which waits for verification.
In the morning this count was 90K submitted and 2K verified.
What is this submitted counter doing? Is it crazy or am i crazy? 

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    I noticed a similar thing when I was using the reposting settings in my campaigns. I had it set to post up to 15-20 additional posts. The submitted counter did go crazy with a few hundred thousand submitted versus around 20k verified.

    I tried running campaigns with reposting settings disabled, so it only posts one link per site. The submitted number versus verified number was very similar.

    My guess is that where ser is reposting to the same site with additonal posts, the submitted counter increases, but where these sites don't support additonal posts, they never get verified, hence the huge diffference in numbers between the 2 types of camapaigns.


  • I am not talking about verification.I am talking about the number down in the left corner..that is like a porsche and the submitted count on the projects is like a snail.The submitted count is not reflecting the numbers on the project's submitted count.

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