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0/*** Urls from site lists

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I'm wondering if I made a mistake when using the tool button to "Search online for site lists"

Because there are a lot of these:
16:15:27: [ ] Loaded 0/66 URLs from site lists

For a couple hours GSA was pluggin away at 300 threads and all was well.
But for the past hour it has been jumping from 2 to 40(ish) threads and mostly spitting out these:
"Loaded 0/*** URLs from site lists"
"Loaded 0/*** URLs from site lists"
"Loaded 0/*** URLs from site lists"

I'm probably not the only one wondering if this is normal and I couldn't find an answer on here.

I created this 20sec video showing the thread setting at 300 but them being no where near that along with the processes going on: 

If it helps to explain the workflow involved when I searched for the site lists, here it is:

Clicked "Search Online For Site Lists"
Choose about 14 search engines - no bing duplicates or engines that pull their info from Google or Bing
Clicked "Add predefined Footprints"
Clicked Choose paste sites
Clicked the first 5-8 of them
Clicked the Keywords button and chose the file with keywords
clicked ok.

I looked in the pdf manual for more info on this but no luck. Did I screw this up? Thanks


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    I appreciate the link but unfortunately none of the results provide an answer to the issue. The post here:

    talks about this issue, but doesn't really say for sure if it is:
    - Normal and not to worry 
    - A lack of Keywords
    - A lack of Search Engines
    - The same search engines clicked

    I just started this campaign today and I used over 16,000 keywords and have about 18 search engines that are checked.  The search engines are different (different countries, no clones).

    If this is normal, no worries, but from the other post, it sounds like many people are having this issue.
    If I had been running this campaign for a while, I could understand if the issue is lack of keywords or all the same SE have been used.  But this campaign is less than 8 hours old.

    Maybe this is normal, but going from 300 threads to 8 seems odd. 
    I tested proxies and they are all good.
    Tried closing and reopening GSA, but nothing changed.
    Is that normal for the threads to suddenly drop down that much when nothing else has changed?

    I'm also wondering If I made a mistake with the searching for site lists from the paste-site resources.  (There isn't a lot involved, but what do I know :-) 

    If I checked several sources for the paste-bin, will that give duplicate sources and that is why it is taking 0/___?

    My Links Per Minute are now .22 compared to double digits before.

  • The same happens to me.
    Your threads number is so low because GSA has no links to post to. Try changing your keywords and/or search engines so GSA can scrape for more targets and keep submitting.

    For lower tiers on my schemes, I right click on the project -> Clear URLs history and URLs cache. Thus GSA will post to the sites it has posted before and your submissions will increase again. I suggest to tweak your settings and if possible, import scraped lists to GSA.
  • Thanks @hyde.  Do you use GSA Tools button to scrape lists or do you use an outside program like Scrapebox?
  • @CreditDoc I use Scrapebox and hRefer to gather a massive list for GSA to work on :) 
    Additionally, I let GSA to scrape in some projects. That's what I've done.
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