Abuse on the IP X.X.X.X and vps suspended


this is the second time i get my vps suspended due to spam report,
they gave a link on stopforumspam.com/ipcheck where i can see my vps ip flagged in many spam forum registration

i'm using semi-private proxies from buyproxies.org

anyone faced this issue ?


  • No never in 1 year - you must be spamming hard or not have correct setup. Or crappy VPS provider?
  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
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    I have home pc and buyproxies IPs(privates and public). Didn't saw my ip on stopforumspam.com.

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    i m using this vps for more then a year without any issue
  • Maybe the VPS has changed its policies and are taking SPAM complaints more seriously.

    I don't do scheduled posting and get 1 link per domain and thats it. And that as well using public proxies most of the time and haven't had any issues for months.

    Now my setup is even better with semi-private proxies from the same provider as yours.
  • I also had this happen.

    Got an abuse message from my ISP today. I use buyproxies.
    I switched to SolidSEOVPS.

    I'm unsure as to why my IP leaked through the proxies.
  • do the proxies pass the gsa test? if yes, isn't the proxies fault

    also please make sure that you have the checkbox "Use proxies" clicked (sounds stupid, but we saw some cases when it was unchecked by mistake)

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