awaiting account verification [v9.69] - thats what i see for my article/web2 submission campaign 100% of them waiting to be confirmed WHY? please help im on version 9.69


  • SvenSven
    Turn your project to the status "Active (Verif Emails Only)" and watch if the log to see if there are errors when checking emails. 
  • @sven it doesnt verify any of them it just shows this:
  • SvenSven
    how many email accounts you use per project?
  • @sven im using atleast 10 per project. 10 yahoo accs 
  • SvenSven
    edited March 2015

    1. do you have any of the yahoo accounts opened in browser? If so, close it.

    2. make sure yahoo is not blocking the content.

    3. Maybe use a delay in project options to only check yahpp every xyz minutes.

  • do you have spam filter enabled on these email accounts?
  • @sven @jpvr90 for some reason they are all in the trash? 
  • weird the yahoo accounts i was using i tried logging in manually and it says " we have never seen you log in from this location before please confirm via text" but when i "test" on gsa it checks out as green. why is that?
  • serprape because logging-via browser and accessing mail via POP3 in SER is entirely different.
  • If emails are asking for a phone # when logging in are they considered blacklisted / unusable?
  • depende, hotmail yes, yahoo no.
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