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Mark as Verified in Show URLs -> Verified

Many times when importing Tier 1 links SER is unable to verify them due to the different nature of the backlink in it. Sometimes it is shortened, other times it's a PDF online viewer etc.. So my suggestion is to add an option to mark an URL as verified so GSA SER won't check it again when checking for verified links, but it will show it as verified all the time.

This is especially useful when building links manually as T1 or using some Web 2.0 tool like FCS or Turbo Web 2.0 ranker. Many times the urls exist, but when doing a verify test GSA will remove them as failed, but I still want to build link on them. Or for example GSA is not able to recognize a shortened url in a tweet, but I may want to build backlinks to that tweet.


  • SvenSven
    Well you can simply import URLs as verified. Then uncheck the option to re-verify and they will not get checked.
  • Yes I know I can do that, but I still want to check the rest of the urls for verification and delete the failed in bulk. The only ones that need to be skipped are the kind of links I mentioned in my OP.
  • SvenSven
    why not creating a seperate project for those links then and have the tiers enabled for both projects?
  • You know what, that just sounds right and it's even better than having all T1 in one bowl. I never realized I could choose multiple projects to build links to. Thanks a lot @Sven, you're the greatest! :)
  • SvenSven
    your welcome ;)
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