provate proxies for gsa ser

I need to buy 10 - 20 povate proxies for gsa ser, what you can recomend me ? 

Thank you in advance,


  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
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    I would recommend you proxyblaze. They are fast, reliable and cheaper than other private proxies.
  • @neca_bg err no they aren't. They are 20% more expensive than the ones I buy. I'm guessing you run proxyblaze...
  • halyosyhalyosy jakarta
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    Bandit Proxy 
    best private proxy so far
    i ever use

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    JudderMan, last time I bought 20 proxies which cost 25$ and I got 22 proxies (when you reply on BHW thread you get 10% bonus)... so that is $1,13 per proxy... you say you buy cheaper thatn that and they are not semi-dedicated... yeah Your guess is wrong.
  • If your looking for true private proxies and not pools of public proxies then try SolidProxies, we are fully automated for replacing dead proxies with real private proxies.
  • ShaNiShaNi
    Why not you try our Service of  private & shared proxies for SEO and Social media :)
    cheapest price with high Quality Dedicated Private proxies never dead :) 

    We're offering our Private proxies with double bonus Private proxies :)

    halyosy  :) he is selling backconnect proxies not private or shared proxies and both
    are different types of proxies :) 
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