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Need to setup campaign

cvaoopscvaoops India
edited March 2015 in Need Help
Hi friends ,

First I need to say my thanks to Gsa for providing such nice tool . Next I want to thanks GSA support @sven for best support they all providing to GSA members . Also I want to thank all the Gsa forum members for making other members comfort and helping others members .

Hi friends this is cvaoops I am new to this forum and Gsa . I am seeing the GSA result daily . The tools providing nice result to me I am much happy about it .

I need some of our GSA members help to setup the GSA campain properly and efficiency. Previously I had set up one campain but I am sure that I had not properly setup the things . I need some of your help to setup Gsa campaign for me that means I need some one help to guide .

You can also.PM me

I am looking forward for your help .

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