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Newbie Question - Help Please

Hi Guys,

I must say it is great to be on here with you guys. Found GSA software and love it.

Just included GSA URL Redirect PRO in to my GSA SER software. Looked for proper running instructions and not really found any info around I can see.

Could someone help a Newbie get some use out of the software. I am just a small time guy just looking at getting some good links back to my YouTube clips to maybe be able to get some of them ranked in GOOGLE search.

Any INFO on how I could do this and include the use of GSA URL Redirect PRO in the process would be greatly apprieciated. Simple settings would do as I don't want to dominate the world just get a few clips ranked as safely as possible, if you know what I mean.

Thanks in advance Tommo


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    "GSA URL redirect pro"

    Be sure to select "DoFollow Only" at the bottom so you do not waste resources building redirects to no follow links.

    Oh I forgot, also I use askmebot.

  • Hey Thanks 7ThDanWebNinja,

    What is best practice for campaigns? Is it better to run 1 at a time till it hits VER links for the day then go to the next. I had 3 running at the same time and got lots a warning messages, so stopped and ran 1 at a time and things seem better no warnings, am I doing this correct? Is there a way to auto move on when links are made in the first campaign then on to next? 

    Thanks Tommo :)
  • Your best way is to tier your redirects, use the recursive mode x 2
    You can choose what link types you want to use so only use 301 redirects because they are permanent redirects and search engines give them link points.

    Plus they pass 95%-99% of the link juice.

    If you are doing a video, make web 2.0 video embeds and tier them with 301 redirects, that will push you up there.
  • @linkedseo do 301s also pass the anchor text in addition to link juice?
  • SvenSven
  • Domain link authority pushes your anchor text
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