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Ranking YT Videos only with GSA SER?

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Hello, i am new on this forum, but i am an old GSA SER user. I want to rank this time  YT videos only with GSA SER. As far i am getting no results blasting 2 videos with tiered campaigns - VIDEO <- T1<T2(blasting only contextual DF links from T1) <T3(blasting only contextual DF links from T2). As far i have no luck and sames YT changed his ranking algorithm.

For my campaigns using Ron's blue list.

I am looking here for members, that have any kind of experience with ranking YT Videos. 

I am just thinking to launch a test campaign with only contextual link blast.

Please for your input guys. 


  • catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!
    To rank youtube videos try to get views, comments and likes for videos.

    If you want to do any kind of direct linking from GSA SER, make sure you do so with manually created readable SPINTAX articles.

    The content should be manually SPUN with the following setup:

    Write a seed article.

    Write each paragraph of an article 3 more times.

    Now write each sentence of each paragraph 3-5 times.

    Manually put them in proper spintax format.

    Then use any spin program (I use Chimprewriter) to automatically popular article with word level spinning.

    Remove the words which don't sound readable or grammatically correct with the theme of the article.

    this spintax version of article on 300+ contextual PR1+ domains. The
    linkbuilding should be completed in 30 days (10 verifieds a day)....

    Simultaneously run Tier campaign with Kontent Machine highly SPUN content on contextual engines.. Don't make any PR restriction in that regard. Make it (500 Verifieds a day)

    Simultaneously run other Tier campaign with mixed engines. (5000 verifieds a day)

    You will notice some considerable difference with that.
  • Thanks for your replay  and for this valuable informations  sabahat. The problem is, that i need to rank 100+ videos, monthly searches are from 1k-90k/month and i am extremely limited with my budget and right now i have also no access to Kontent Machine. 

    I will try this with my own content, ron's links are also quality.

    What i did after my writing here:

    - created a new campaign and burning the video only with Article and Wiki links - no limit

    What i test next:

    - create a new campaign and do a drip feed linking 10 PR 1+ contextual

    If all this fails i am forced to do more complex things like sabahat recommended.

  • Hi,

    You can set your seo campaign in any different way, your video wont rank.

    Youtube's algo is now based on views (views are most important, the more views you have the more it will go up in rankings) subscribers (also very very important) likes. After you have like 30-40k views you can consider building links twards the video url. Drip feed it.
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    Thanks for your imput eLeSlash. I know you made a lot of testings, readed your threads, but i am sure there must be a way to bring some positive effects als with backlinks. Tomorrow i start another test project with PR1+ contextual drep linkink.

    As for now one of my videos (90k searches/m) jumped from page 4 to 2 and is stucked there and the second one (6k searches/m) from page 2 to page 1 to 11th spot.

    Is there really no other option as views?

  • Dont get me wrong, the link building will definetly help your rankings but only if the video has enough views (depends on the niche, the strongest the niche the more views you need), subs + likes + favourites.

    I did not found any other way around this views parameter.
  • Where do you get your views, subs etc?
  • eLeSlash I just know, but i had a year long pause and sames things changed a lot. My niche is extremely easy some of my videos landed right after posting on first page. I want them also on google first page, that is the reason for link building strategy. I am testing my strategy on potentially hardest rankable niches to get strong results. 

    The Internet is full loaded with BS informations about YT ranking, but there is no real info, all the time this generic rehashed stuff. This is also the reason what forced me to do some testings. 

  • I personally get views favs subs likes from claim social authority.

    Yes you are absolutely right here my friend. There is alot of bs especially around youtube ranking. This is why i only express my suggestions after alot of testing.
  • Il check them out soon, they are not the cheapest on the market, but may they provide better views?

    In the mean time i added 1000 HR views to my video from another provider, that is hanged  on page 2 with a lot of backlinks, sames i reached the maximum effect from them, this video got already 700+ likes also. 

    I have already done same to my second test video plus 50 random social shares, this one is hanging on 11th position of first page.  

    And OFC running GSA on my VPS to extend my verified list for burst link campaigns. 

  • I use the clain social authority service because i work with them for 3 years now. They allways are ahead of all other views services when youtube update their algorithm. I know they are not the cheapest from the market, but i like to be guaranteed safety for my videos (if not you can get your video removed from youtube, and you lose all the time, and budget invested into that project).

    I would suggest you buy another 1k views (but be sure they are drip feeded for as many days, not all 1k views in the same day) this can help your video move a bit up. From my tests, at this point, only views can move your video.
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    Hi eleSlash,

    I have a 1 year old YT video which is in the first page of YT for several keywords, it is in the second page of G for some of those keywords too. it has almost 50000 natural views and almost 650 subscribers. I would like to rank this video in google and bring it to the page #1 of G for the said keywords and rank it for new keywords if possible too.
    Can you please let me know how can I do this? Do you suggest generating GSA backlinks to it? Or I will waste my time -or maybe harm its current ranking- if I generate backlinks to it? 
    Except of this video, my channel also has almost 10 related videos in the niche which this video is in. So If I could find a working method I would like to rank those videos too (they have 1500-2700 natural views and are 3 to 6 months old).

    Since the last updates of YT/G in 2014 I am looking for a working method to rank my YT video in G, but as planetparty mentioned, The internet is full of BS information about YT ranking. As an expert can you please give me some info about what I should do to rank my video by your kind? Do you believe that I can rank such a video in G?

    Thank you so much for any help.
  • @epilot I too have the video in second page of google.. Once i edited my description it jump to first page of google.. try this out..
  • born2win will be great if you share what you edited and what was changed. I am starting getting positive results for all 3 of my projects, need to find other important parameters.
  • born2win
    Thank you so much for your reply "born2win",
    I have the question which "planetparty" asked you. Every other week I change the title of the video, I can remember that I changed the last line of my description but I am not sure if it worked like what you mean. Can you please give us more info if possible? Do you mean that I should edit and change the whole description or....?

    Thanks again

    eLeSlash  would be very welcomed.

    Thank you.
  • Try adding captions to your video which is designed for deaf people but works wonders for SEO because google know what your video is about then. It's easy to do in 10 minutes from within your youtube dashboard. Put a sprinkle of your keywords in the captioning but don't overdo it. Also comment on similar videos on related topic with niche related language. Let me know how you get on.
  • born2winborn2win India
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    planetparty I have Old video more than 1 year old, with perfect On page optimization including(CC, annotations, 50 Custom comments, Likes and Dislikes, Only 1000 Views, Commenting on High authority Channel and more!) also Off page optimization including (Social shares, Embedding video and some links too). At that time the video was stick at page 1 on youtube but no where on google..... I Totally forget about that video after year (Now), I just edit my description by changing my website link in that ....within a sec my video jumped to #1 on goolge and got few leads too, But unfortunately my competitor Flagged down my video after a day... :(
    Now Working with Few projects (New) .. Ranked page 1 on youtube and page 3 on google videos without single views, likes, comments.. Only with perfect On page Optimization.. still the video getting good SERP Improvement.. Planned to buy GSA and Do link building (Bcos the older Licence was taken by my partner).. 
  • epilot  Youtube Changed the game lot, Now working to understand what works.. will update once I tested..
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    Okay guys there are some impressive results regarding my testings. The video, that was stucken in second page hit page 1 5th spot and is also showed up @ google first page (now are there 3 videos). So you need good on page seo, HR views, backlinks.

    My other video (60k+ searches/m) is still at page 2, but climbing.

    Lets hunt for the next YT ranking algo factor!

    [EDIT] Just noticed, that also the third test video (contextual links blast+HR views) is on first page of google and only on 11th place at YT search. 

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    Guys, please stop PMing me. I have all the details in this thread except for my views. I pushed 2k views for my "easy videos" and 4k for my "hard" ones. Used some private source, views are at average 80% HR.

    Just test the shit out and rinse/repeat all the stuff. 

  • Sorry what is HR views? Also planetparty did you also used claimsocialauthority to purchase views? Txs
  • @mich158 I believe it's high retention views.
  • Ok, txs, anyone using vagex? Are vages views any good?
  • @mich158 I am not used claimsocialauthority, i just blasting the shit out of the video with 3 tiers and added 1k HR, Likes.
  • @planetparty. how about your anchor variation, i mean to say, how much percentage should i choose for medium comp kw?
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    Just go with 80% patrial, 10% generic, 10% domain. Never use such settings for your t1 links, use this only to YT. 

    I have set Anchor text variation to 90% to fool G as well.

    You will notice some positive results only after 2-4 weeks, so be patient. 

    I am testing now some other things to speed up building backlinks, i need to rank 50+ videos and is a pain in ass, but sames my testings will be (or are) promising. 

  • @planetparty - Thanks for the explaination , are you using indexing service, i seen most of the comments when people talking about NOT to use indexing service and leave it by natural way for google to detect and start ranking, this will affect the ranking?
  • Used before, but i think indexing service for YT backlinks is a waste of your money and you can that 20-30$ invest to buy HR views for better results.
  • beastmodebeastmode NYC
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    you don't rank YT videos with just SER.
    There are so many other elements involved in Video SEO

    Unless you are ranking a keyword that can basically rank it self then backlinks alone will do it.
    Don't listen to everything you hear or read on the net, test till it is proven. SER will not rank high competitive nor medium video keywords.
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