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Set Up Sharing

Hi All

Is anyone will be willing to share his set up for GSA Ranker?
as a new to this im trying to learn what might be the best set up?
things like:
  1. VPS Vs dedicated server (which type package and with whom)
  2. RAM om the server
  3. shared proxies Vs dedicated proxies (how many and with whom)
  4. emails accounts packages?
  5. which captcha service do you use?
  6. indexing service Vs natural indexing by the search engines
  7. serengines service Yes/No?
  8. scraping engines on the fly with the GSA or just using your own lists?
  9. what do you use for content? (WAC? KontenMachine? other?)
  10. best tip
i will be the first to answer
i use VPS on cheapseovps with 10 shared proxies from sslprivateproxy (i am just starting to learn how to use GSA), so i assume its enough.
i used the link from inside the GSA to buy the emails accountants.
i use deathbycaptcha no indexing service with a subscription to serengines (have not decided yet if its worth it)
i dont buy or use lists, only the GSA to find urls for backlinking
for content i use WAC

till now (and im totaly new to GSA) my best tip is that for web 2.0 tier 1 its worth to spent some time solving captchas manually and not relay on services.

now its your turn :)

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