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Need an Easy tutorial to build your own list with a decent LPM ? - Beginners can follow this !

Hello Everyone,
          I would like post some use steps which are simple to use and easily builds your list in no time !

Tools required along ( I'm assuming that you've installed GSA & GSA Captcha Breaker on a VPS but its ok even if its on home computer)

1) Scrapebox Or Gscrapper ( I use both and I recommend both for faster list building)

2) Some of your own existing verified List , If you do not have it is still ok....

3)  About 20 Proxies ( semi or dedicated, I prefer dedicated though for long run)

Let's get in to details. 

We will be considering just one engine or Platflorm (Joomla k2) for the purpose of this tutorial however you can replicate with all other engines or platforms in GSA as well. 

Step 1) Entering a common URL foot print
Import your existing Verified List in to Scrape box Harvester Column . If you don't have a list then please open scrape box and type "option=com_user&view=register" with the quotes in the keyword column and harvest the list that appears in harvester column.No need put in any. 
Step 2) Internal Links Scrapping  
 Now use the "Remove Filter " button and select "remove Urls that not contain" and enter the earlier url footprint "option=com_user&view=register" without the quotes  and wait for scrape box to sort and remove the other platform links .... You will be left with only Joomla K2 links . 

Now click on "link Extractor" addon from the Addon menu in scrapebox and load the existing harvested links list from the harvester column. 

Next select the internal links option and Click start and wait for a while and list will be up and ready. 

3) Extraction of Outbound links

Now load the internal link list you just extracted from the previous step in to the harvester and again go to "link extractor" but this time click on the external links and wait for it to complete the outbound list. 

4) Feed the list in to GSA
Now follow step 2 and remove the urls which do not contain the foot print " option=com_user&view=register " so now you'll be left with a larger amount of potential target list for GSA to post... 

5) SImple post the list to GSA using the Import URLS option by right clicking on the exisitng running projects.

6) You'll be getting submissions and verified links. So go to the verified link folder and Do the whole process from Step 1 to step 4 Again 

Keep iterating the whole process again and again and you'll be increasing your link list for Joomla K2....... You do the same with other platforms as well except that you need to identify some common URL footprints for those platforms..... 

GSA is a wonderful Link Building software that's hungry for your LISt.... So start feeding them regularly and watch your AA list grow very large day by day......
You LPM will increase with the frequency and freshness of the URL lists that you provide it.. the more newer and right foot print you provide the better will be your LPM. If your LPM is low then it means your foot print does not contain as many new targets or right type of site lists that matches GSA engines... 

Stop worrying about LPM and it wont increase unless you feed it with the right list and once you have a huge list ... YEs then your LPM may stay high and constant provided you keep scrapping new targets and have a HUGE LIST..... 


  • Nice tutorial. What's the logic behind this? Thank you :)
  • The logic is... Once you have a few verified links you can go on extracting a lot more need in url foot prints itself...
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