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Possible Doc Sharing Bug

AlexRAlexR Cape Town
edited January 2013 in Bugs
I am using the macro 
%spinfolder-C:\Users\Administrator\GSA SER\Doc Sharing\MoneySite Docs\%

I have also tried (without \ at end)
%spinfolder-C:\Users\Administrator\GSA SER\Doc Sharing\MoneySite Docs%

I have a .pdf in that folder. 

1) When I click on test, it's not showing any document path in the test window (it has a blank). Could be macro is not pulling through or test window is not showing pdf path. 
2) When I press OK to close project, it says "Please fill document"


  • SvenSven
    spinfolder is choosing the content of a random file...not the filename itself which is required here.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @sven - would it be possible for it to use the contents of a random file here like it does in all the other fields? 

    This way we can load 50 pdf's into a folder and it choose random one. Otherwise, we need to create a .txt file, load all the 50 titles, and monitor all the titles to make sure they are correct.

  • SvenSven
    That field needs a filename not the file content. So you should put all files with full path in a text file and use %spinfile% macro.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @sven - I have tried this and am getting an error.

    1) It's not updating to the new macro. It keeps looking for old uploaded path. I.e. you press arrow on right and select pdf. If you update field with a macro, it keeps trying to use the old path.
    2) the same occurs with the video images. When you insert macro, it keeps trying the old image path.
    3) Test window is also not updating, but could be due to pts 1 & 2.
    4) With right click, there is no "clear field" option for this field. 
  • SvenSven
    edited January 2013

    OK I see the problem...I will fix it.

    Also next version allows you to choose more than one file in the open-file-dialog.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @sven - for videos there is an image option. 

    For this could we use a macro with an external image URL? Or must the image be on the actual hard drive and I use a .txt with actual filepaths in it? 
  • edited January 2013
    @sven I think I'm missing something.  How is it possible to submit random PDFs from a folder to doc sharing sites so that the same exact doc isn't submitted everytime?
  • SvenSven
    next version allows you to use urls here.
  • Great, I just was messing with the spin file and folder today and got the unworking result so I look forward to the update :)
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @sven - will it allow for both:
    1) Images
    2) Pdf URL's?

    Will both these formats be allowed?
    1) http://
    2) %<spinfile-C:/Docs/PDF Folder/>%
  • SvenSven
    yes on all questions @GlobalGoogler
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    If we use external URL's, does it first download them (the image or pdf) and reupload them?

    The reason I ask, is that if I host the images and pdf's on my server, and I am running tier 2, tier 3, I just want to check the path is not shown.

    Or does anyone have any good ideas on an external service where to host all these images and pdf's for SER to use?
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