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[Help] Auto insert specific keyword into article title for every submission?

I have a project with over 100 urls and its respective anchor texts.
I generate different articles into the project. But I end up having generic titles which doesn't contain my keywords.

One way to really create what I want would be to have a separated project for very URL, this way I would have the control of connecting specific titles to my single url. But that just seems to be too much, since all those 100 urls are in the same niche, same topic and can share the same articles. I just needed to switch titles for SEO benefit.

Something like having %anchor% into the title so it would match with the
random url and end up inserting an appropriate keyword into the title

Is there any easier way? Am I being confusing? Why she doesn't reply my txts?

Thanks in advance, have a good week :)



  • SvenSven
    Well whats wrong in using %anchor_text% in title as macro? That anchor text is then taken from the URL#Anchor if you added the url with anchor text to the project.
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