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I need a proxy source (US dedicated for SER)

Hi, I need a good source for GSA SER US dedicated proxies. Can someone recommend?

I tried 2 popular services but they said they can only provide EU proxies for SER.



  • Did you ask them for US proxies and they didn't gave you?
  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited February 2015
    Did you tried Buyproxies ? I tried 3 or 4 providers, instantproxies, proxy-n-vpn. sslprivateproxy but I work now with buyproxies. I did't ask for US proxies but I think will give me if I ask.
  • Nope, thanks I'll check em out.
  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited February 2015
    I don't know I will buy just shared proxies not dedicated. Better have many then few.
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