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No Targets to Post To? Help

First, I am new to GSA Search Engine Ranking and will admit up front that there is a strong possibility I am probably creating the problem noted in the subject line.

I just created and ran my first campaign (30 submissions every 24 hours). It is for a Tier 1 campaign and I used contextual settings suggested by Matthew Woodward.

After completing the campaign, I now have a bright red triangle, important message symbol next to my brand new campaign informing me "No Targets to Post to (etc.)."


I reviewed the tutorials provided by GSA. I followed the tutorial provided by Matthew Woodard on YouTube. I bought 10 private proxies and tested them. I bought new Outlook emails from SER Tools and tested them. I bought Kontent Machine and integrated it. I ran only one campaign of 30 submissions which is scheduled to run once every 24 hours. I tested all settings before beginning my campaign. I bought a verified list of sites to submit to.

Can anyone help? Thanks.


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Do you have search engines selected and have you imported the verified list into your project?
  • I think I have selected search engines and imported the verified list.

    By the way, while running the campaign, it shows "submission successful" for each successful submission. The warning message did not appear until after all successful submissions were made. Furthermore, I ran 30 submissions and it shows I currently have 29 "verified" submissions on the main screen. I then check the folder where I have started exporting verified sites and it currently shows 29 verified sites in that folder.

    Regarding search engines...I highlight the project, I click "Edit > Options > Search Engines to Use." In the Search Engines to use, I chose all USA and Canada search engines.

    Regarding importing verified list... I have saved my paid verified list to a local folder. I went to GSA SER > Options > Settings > Tools > Import Site List.

    Any thoughts?

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Ok, so as far as search engine selection and importing your list goes, you should be ok there. So it seems you have met your set submission limit?

    Also, make sure you have added plenty of keywords in your projects "data" tab.
  • I set a 30 submission limit daily. If this is what created the problem, should the red, important symbol disappear tomorrow when the program runs?

    I have 33 keywords chosen for this particular campaign.

    Any other ideas? Thanks for your help.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited February 2015
    Well you can right click on the project > clear important messages. If the error happens again, the message will come back unless you disable important messages completely by going to global options > advanced > uncheck "enable important messages for projects.

     You might consider dropping in more keywords, 33 keywords isn't much at all.
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