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How to backup settings and projects?

I want to backup my settings and projects on a vps.

I would like to know the best way to do this and which files I would need to backup. I was thinking of copying it to dropbox.


  • ronron
    edited February 2015
    You got it mate. You don't have to have Dropbox, but I use it. I also have my sitelist files (like verified and identified) built on dropbox as well. If the worst were to happen, not only do you have your backup on Dropbox, but you also have an up-to-date verified file in real time on there as well.

    I like to highlight all projects, right click anywhere, then choose Modify Project=>Backup All Projects. That will do the trick. The resulting file which ends in .ser will be all you need to completely boot up all projects from scratch on any copy of SER.

    I like to backup once per week. For me best practices is to also backup whenever I create new projects. If you decide to delete a project, I also think it is a great idea to back that up before deleting. I have resurrected many projects that I killed when I got pissed off haha.
  • You need to create a backup for each...

    1. Right click in the main GUI and select modify project, back up all.

    2. Click 'options' at the top right of the UI and click 'backup settings' in the bottom left of the popup.

  • ronron
    Ahhh. Thanks @2Take2. I forgot to add in your second point. Nice catch.
  • No worries, you must have been editing/writing your post when I wrote mine, as I didn't even see it. lol
  • I would prefer to have something on automatic, but thanks.
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