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Can you help me solve this type of captcha?

I am quite new to CB and I am experiencing problems with finding good quality solution to break this captcha:

It looks really simple, but with my success rate of ~60% for single captcha, if I need to solve 3 of them correctly in a row, I get 0,6*0,6*0,6 = 21,6% of success rate. That is pretty low. Can you help me?



  • SvenSven
    If I reload that captcha, I only get 2 chars on the first image, the other two are always empty.
  • yep, they are hidden. that's how it works.

    First you solve first captcha (2 chars), than second captcha is reveled (same type, regardless if you were correct or not), than the last captcha is reveled (again - same type, regardless if the previous 2 captcha answers were correct or not)

    I use a web crawler that is capable or reading the first captcha, sending it to deathbycaptcha and CB emulator grabs it, solves it and sends back to crawler. After that crawler sends the second captcha to CB and third. I only need CB to have a relatively high success rate, so it;s also high number if repeated ^3 times

    I have a pretty large sample that I hope might be useful if you decide to help me on that:
  • SvenSven
    Ahh  ok that makes sense then. Will try something on the samples you sent.
  • Great, thank you
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