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Much more finer control with Indexing Service

Would it be possible to have a much finer control with indexing services tab in the options page just like with the captchas?

Like, only send links from contextuals to this particular indexing service.

Blog comments and alike engines are already indexed so might as well only let Google be notified that something has changed, and services like Indexification is great for these. Even if Google does not recrawl this pages then it doesnt worry me as these are junk links anyway for the third tier. Compare that with contextual engines which are hard to index, I'd opt to use better indexing service like Instantlinkindexer and ExpressIndexer, this however are far more expensive.

There's already an existing option for it in the captcha tab but I guess it applies to every indexing service once you apply it. Would like to apply it in a per service state.


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