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email + anchor problems

Hello there I would like to share my issue with you guys and ask if anyone has the same problem like me , I think it's a bug

yesterday I was checking my list of verified websites when suddenly I found many emails address like gmails and others used without my permission because I use only custom emails tied to domain name

I found also some random names used as anchor texts again without me setting it , I checked to see if it's in the "Generic anchor text" but no luck there is no such nicknames used

what's the problem then ? because I don't want to lower my campaign success due to gmails and anchor I know nothing about !!


Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    some engines do not need email verification so it uses some random created emails. I don't see any use in using real emails there. All you get on them are spam messages, not worth a look really.

    The names can be controled by editing names.dat or use the project option where you specify the data folder and put your names.dat file in it.


  • SvenSven
    When you use generic anchor texts and you use certain engines like Guestbooks or Blog Comments, you will see random names being used as anchor text because it would look rather strange seeing a Blog comment with from a guy with a name like "Click here" or something alike.
  • can I control this ? for example I set the random names ?

    what about emails ? I see emails used which I didn't set , like gmail and yahoo ?? I don't use those I only use my own email tied to domains , from where GSA pull those random email address ?
  • Hello thanks for the valuable help , I'm still searching for this file names.dat

    I can't find it , can you please join a picture of the settings page ? where is located ?

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\GSA Search Engine Ranker\Engines
  • Thank you for your help :)
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