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How to repost to web2.0

Please can someone help me i want to no how to repost to web2.0 accounts. Can someone please explain in detail how you do this. Also how will i no when it has finished posting to these accounts and will it repost to the exact amount of created web2.0


  • SvenSven
    in project options you turn on the scheduled posting and increase posts per account or accounts per site.
  • craigbal1craigbal1 United Kingdom
    edited February 2015
    Sven this software just gets better and better it blows all the other automated software out of the water.Thanks for the answer i would have never tried the section schedule posting but when you look at it its there right in front of you. 
  • @craigbal1 did you know that Web2.0
    does not work on SER unless you have a subscription to SER Engines.

    @ron said:
    The odds are low that it will succeed, and you will probably
    trigger a bunch of download failed, or at the very least, waste SER
    resources trying to post to an impossible target. So leave that one out
    of your projects. They simply will not work, and they are a waste of

    If you have a subscription at SER Engines then my apologies :)
  • craigbal1craigbal1 United Kingdom
    mrlinks uk thanks for that the only problem with GSA is theres alot of extras to make it work better. mrlinks uk what would you use platform wise on tier one thanks would much appreciate the advice. 
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