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Junk in your computer.. How to keep the junk out? Would VPN help?


Say that I run GSA or whatever other internet posting / link software..

At times I see my Norton anti-virus gives me signals stopping another program from coming into my computer...

Would using a  VPN prevent any type of junk / malware / spyware / browser hijacker / etc  from getting into my computer?

What have been your experienced  on this? 


  • SvenSven

    No, a VPN not help here. However there is no risk in this. Your anti virus program is just warning that a script is used on that website that would infect your PC if opened with a prorgam/browser that executes the script. This however is not happening with GSA SER (btw GSA is the company name).

    This might be a problem with other tools like SENuke or others who use InterNet Exploere in background which is indeed executing scripts and probably infecting your PC. Nothing like that with our program. Just ignore the warnings here.

  • Is this still the case?

    I am worried if I need to run gsa on a different computer than my working computer to avoid virus?
  • SvenSven
    Please read my answer again, there is no risk in using our tools in getting an infection.
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