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Succes rate & actually solved?

edited January 2013 in Need Help
Just got CB but I don't really understand how this is possible; there are a couple of captcha's that have a 100% succesrate according to CB, but in the next collumn it actually sais it solved 0/150???

Whats up with that? They updated their captcha system or something and now it doesn't work anymore?

I noticed this at the following platforms:
Article directory pro: 100% succes rate, 0/58 solved
Blogtronix: 100% succesrate, 0/152 solved


  • SvenSven

    working fine for me...blogtronix with 100% still and article directory with 34/44. The dismatch comes because it article directory pro might need some more samples to feed the engine with more data. 

    If you saved the unsolved and send it i can try to see whats up with it.

  • Pmed you with the unsolved captcha for those platforms
  • SvenSven
    thanks, fixed the two engines and you can download them on the "shred captcha types homepage".
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