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Is One Processing Dummy Project Enough for Verified List?

I have my setup done well with scrapebox, platform identifier and gsa ser. Scraping is going smoothly running 24/7. I only go for Articles and Wikis at first and will probably add more engines as I progress.

I can see it's a costly setup (proxies, VPS, captchas etc..) However I plan to be using this list only for myself, at least until I get the hang of it. So I'm not sure whether to use a dummy processing project at all. I'm thinking whether to import the unverified lists directly into my projects. Or at least use one dummy project only. I cannot waste any more resources for 4 dummy projects at least not yet, so I'm thinking whether this would be smart?

Would you suggest it is a smart idea to cut costs from processing projects?


  • I personally just have a single project which is set with articles as t1, I t2 every single other platdform so I can see exactly how many verifieds I am getting for each platform.

    This seems to work for me.


    My setup

    The List / Server

    1X VPS running HREFER (with all GSASER Footprints and a keyword list which contains mostly my main niche keywords) + 100 Dedicated private proxies + 1 copy of GSA SE Identifier which monotors the HREFER output then drops into a dropbox and also adds to my master list which also includes a subscription to 1linklist which is also de-duped once an hour. I also have a monitored dropbox folder I can just drop any linklist into which will just get sorted, added to master list and also de-duped.

    1 shit vps with scrapebox running all the time scrapeing GSA platform footprints, I add that similar to above (bit pointless this one, hfefer has this sorted just dont have any other use for SB)

    I know of another couple of paid list services I may subscibe too and add them to my system and just create a monster! Maybe next week.

    The GSA VPS

    100 Dedicated Proxies
    300 threads
    1 Catchall email
    Spamvilla+CB+dbc (in that order)

    I use Article builder / WAC (WAC is awesome)

    I can get around 100lpm running actual projects, I could easily set up a few spam projects and get this thing up to about 500+

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