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Manual Blogger as Tier 1

I've begun to experiment with manual Tier 1 links, and have settled on the idea of creating a high quality free (Google hosted) Blogger blog. My aim is to manually write fairly high quality posts once every day to the blog and pad the blog (and its post subpages) with unoptimized Tier 2 links. The blog template I am using has a dofollow backlink in the footer that links to the homepage of my money site on every page.

So my question is: Is this a waste of my time?

Obviously I am not expecting this one blog to perform a miracle; rather, I want to pass some authority and pr to my money site.


  • Well, the value you are creating is only realized if you have very high quality, well written, and unique content. Otherwise I would say you can do the same or better by using GSA, KM, FCS combination, and in that case the results would be x1000 with the same effort.
  • The bigger question is, what part do you think is a waste of your time?

    Personally, I feel that using only 1 target ( the google blog ) is a waste of time myself ( id rather be spread out in multiple things ).

    Are you asking is the blogger blog itself a waste of time, or the idea of doing all of this to it?
  • @viking I'm in college, and I'm very limited to what I can afford. My site isn't really even selling anything; it's a video entertainment site. The blogger idea was to be able to post somewhat-related unique articles that I would write myself in hopes that the posts that did rank would pass link juice to my main site, but if the value is very little, I might focus my attention elsewhere.

    @IdentifiedURLs Good point. Would it be a better idea to write unique articles myself, spin them, and then post them to article submission sites? A part of me wants to say that the spinning process takes a lot away from having high quality articles, but I suppose this tool was built with spamming in mind.
  • Writing a few high quality posts will have no benefit for your stated objective. If you are in even a moderately competitive niche, you will be competing with seo's armed with automation tools. Read the threads in this forum, people are very helpful here. You can learn a lot, but you need to have a budget. There are no free rides anymore. Plus you are on a GSA forum, which is a paid for product. Can you rank with just SER? I am not so sure a sustainable effort can be centered just on GSA SER. Is SER a valuable tool for all of us? Yes, with certainty. But in my should be spent in this order; 1. FCS 2. GSA 3. KM
    Good luck.
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