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SERPCloud - Beware

I tried the SERPCloud service for a couple of months but got fed up waiting for their website to respond....really slow.

So cancelled via their online form on 29th January. I received a confirmation as follows :

email is to confirm that we have received your cancellation request for the
service listed below.
: Plus
will procced it within 24-48 Hours.
Thank you for using and we hope to see you again in the future."

SERPCloud use 2CheckOut as their payment processor and lo and behold, yesterday morning (over two weeks after I cancelled) there was an email from 2CheckOut that they had taken another month's subscription for SERPCloud

I emailed both Serpcloud and 2CheckOut 36 hours ago and have heard nothing from either of them. This isn't the first time that I've had problems with 2CheckOut. I always try to avoid using them whenever possible but be assured that this time I'm going to keep on hassling them both until they refund my money.

My previous bad experience with 2CheckOut was when Berman Hosting managed  to fry my server. It took them 2 weeks to admit that all was lost and in the meantime 2CheckOut had taken another month's hosting charges. I never did get that money back !

Both services were advertised within the GSA SER software...perhaps @Sven needs to choose his partners a little more carefully ?


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited February 2015
    I just see them integrated on the external API's tab in SER which doesn't make them a partner, just means support for their API was added just like the many other API's SER supports. They aren't a "partner".

    Many API's are integrated to SER because the developer requests it or users might request it.

    That unfortunate you had a bad experience, but hopefully their support can cancel and get you your refund. :/ 
  • filescape,

    i had a similar problem with SerpCloud when i cancelled but i DID get a refund from them..., They are a bit slow responding but i wouldn't say they are a bad company at all.., just send them another e-mail and wait..
  • edited February 2015

    You can give me your details team will send you refund no worries.

    It might be technical glitch nothing else. @william88: thanks for support!

    It does not makes the company bad!
  • @william88 - ANY company that takes your money two weeks after you cancel is a bad company...and doubly so when it isn't the first time that it has happened. When it happened to you it could just have been a mistake but at that point they should have put procedures in place to stop it happening again.

    @s4nt0s - At the time that I joined Berman (Oct 2012) they were featured inside SER as the recommended host for running SER - I assumed that @sven had a deal with them...I was obviously wrong....?
  • @filescape:

    I sorry you on behalf of that issue you faced.

    Shoot me your details and get refunded for 100%.


    Add on skype: serpcloud

  • @extremeboy - I've re-sent the email to

    If and when I receive refund I will consider removing the thread as requested in your PM
  • @filescape

    Check now confirmed it's procceded.:)

    And let me know

  • Sometimes mistakes happen filescape.

    The important thing is, is it all fixed now?
  • @IdentifiedURLs @filescape

    As far i know it's resolved fully.

    And i'm also waiting for him to confirm :)
  • Yes...all fixed now..Thanks
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