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CB on multiple machines

edited January 2013 in Need Help
I see where the sales copy says, "You can install the software on as many machines as you want, but only run it on 1 machine at a time.", however I'm not having any luck trying to make this happen.

I purchased a few hours ago and installed CB on my VPS running GSA and everything is good.  I am curious to try it out with SENXCr on a different VPS, but when I try to install it there with the same credentials I was sent, it just keeps defaulting to the demo version.  I made sure I had closed out CB on the initial machine too, so I'm kind of at a loss for what to do now.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!


  • SvenSven
    Must be your input...the license should activate on the other system as well.
  • I'm doing copy/paste so... I don't think that's it.  Unless you mean something else that I'm not following???

  • SvenSven
    Yes must be copy/paste error than. Sorry but if the license activated on one PC is should do the same on the other unless it is running in some sandbox.
  • Sincere apologies Sven!... it was total "user error" (no surprise there...)  I grabbed the wrong license number on the second VPS and was trying to insert my GSA SER license number into CB by mistake.  It's all good now. 

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