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Low LpM - What is the reason?

I'm trying to rank YouTube videos in youtube and google and i've heard it's easy to do it with spamming but I'm getting low LpM.
I ran the software on my VPS the whole day and it has 1500 submitted links and 3000 verified links. My LpM now is 10. I'm using good VPS, 20 private proxies and verified list from 1linklist? I think it's from the list. I don't think 3k links are enough for ranking a youtube video. How can I increase my lpm? It's really slow. How do you import the list? I'm importing it in every project by going on the project and with right click choosing Import Target URLs > From File? Is this the right way or should I go to options and tick the box verified?

Also I'm using LinkProcessor and from those 3000 verified links ahrefs shows only 7 backlinks. I just put my API key in the GSA SER should I do anything else or it's indexing them automatically now that i've put the API key?


  • SerSyncSerSync
    Yes you're importing the list the right way. You may have run out of targets though that is why you're seeing a low LPM
  • It's the list from 1linklist it has 1 milion links. I doubt it can run out of targets so fast
  • SerSyncSerSync
    How many projects are you running and with what filters ?
  • Only one.
  • 1 project is the reason, you need to be running a good amount of projects to really seem LPM climb fast.

    I wouldnt worry about LMP though, id worry about getting good links to your 1 project.
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