EXPERIMENTAL: Page 2- 1 Day with 1,000 GSA Wiki's + Drupal/WordPress Articles


I did  an experiment to see how I could rank a site with GSA's web properties by just using wiki articles and wiki's and drupal/ wordpress articles as supporting links.   I used the keyword GSA Ser SEO Solutions Low competition but for the first experiment I think it's pretty good. 

Well it was pretty successful so far.  I put the keyword in the URL which is always smart seo, wrote the article myself of course with the keyword in it. 
Then did my first 500 wiki articles, used my (GSA secret sauce) with the GSA indexing tools. Then did a massive contextual wiki blast which also included drupal and wordpress articles and index them. Now I drip feed them for 30 days so it should hit page 1 soon.

Web 2.0 above - keyword : GSA-Ser-SEO-Solutions
 everyone know I just posted the site yesterday 


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
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    Keep up the experiments. It's always cool to see people sharing case studies. 

    It would have been nice to go for keyword that isn't "made up" though. Of course nobody is searching for GSA SER SEO Solutons so by the site being simply indexed and the on-page SEO optimized for that keyword, you probably would have got there either way pretty easily. (most likely without even needing backlinks)

    I'm not trying to be negative, just saying a keyword with even a small amount of searches 300-500, etc would have been more fun to follow.

    Either way, pretty cool to see it hit page 2 so fast. 

    Thanks for sharing.

  • there where a few people with that keyword
  • linkedseolinkedseo NYC
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    I've ranked videos with ser for just seo solutions
    Anyway I just wanted to see if I could rank a low competition keyword with a web 2.0 and a wikis/article blast. Then move on from there
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Cool :)

    Hope it lands on page 1 for you soon. 
  • are you serious? your keyword is "GSA Ser SEO Solutions"

    you can rank that type of keyword with only onpage....no offpage needed.

    just google "GSA Ser SEO Solutions" in quotes, only 5 websites (AND ALL 5 ARE YOUR WEBSITES). your the only one targeting this keyword...ranking for a keyword like this means nothing. there is no need to build backlinks to this keyword.
  • Wow, great stuff to follow. I love checking out these experiments!
  • "Then did a massive contextual wiki blast which also included drupal and wordpress articles and index them. Now I drip feed them for 30 days so it should hit page 1 soon."

    Any more details here? How massive is massive? Drip feed to indexing services?
  • 1,000 wikis, plus articles
  • donchinodonchino https://pbn.solutions
    S4nt0s is right, you could have taken a kw that's at least 300 monthly, though theoretically everything should be same, and i'm sure you could rank such as well. good luck with the experiment!
  • Well, the thing is.. any keyword with moderately low competition that people actually search for is going to take 2-4 weeks in general to get in the top 12. Depending on your phrase, niche and how many people are after that phrase your going to spend another few weeks just trying to push it up in the top 5-8. Google just isn't giving any slack right now on pushing your cooked spam up really fast. I say this in general, there are exceptions. From the work I do this is the pretty normal results to phrases that have 300-500 monthly searches.

    All that being said, don't just take my word for it. Build, link and take notes.

  • I have 1 website up there. There is a lot more lower competition gsa ser keywords on the first - 3rd page. plus like i said I was going for low competition, then i want to move the keyword competition up gradually to SEO solutions which is high. Then even higher
  • jpvr90  what he said . This isn't even a keyword worth shooting for
  • It's exactly the keyword to shoot for when you're working up the ladder from the lowest possible keyword to the highest. This is why it's called an experiment you keep notes on every keyword how many links it took to push it up there, what project types you used, etc, etc

  • Because everything is going to change one you get to the high competition keywords, so you have to look back at what you did so you can build a stronger blueprint
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    I like the testing, the keyword isn't relevant when you're testing in my opinion, it's the results that matter.

    What you've learned from this is that you can rank a very low competition keyword with your method. That's great data to have. Now you can either try to monetize very low comp keywords or try to replicate on an actual keyword that will generate searches.
  • Im glad someone understand : )
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    The thing is this isn't even considered a "low competition" keyword. There is no competition at all for this keyword, so actually you will gain nothing.

    You should pick a keyword that has competition and monthly searches.

  • The post don't bother me if some people only think in one direction and don't understand that this is just an experiment from the ground up I can't help that. Then let them say what they want, anyway thanks for the comment
  • linkedseolinkedseo NYC
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    Any big mouths want to talk that rank the keyword on the top of Google and keep it ranked for almost 2 years photo Page1videofile_zpsnsyhsrj2.jpg
  • Google Videos & YouTube

    photo youtube case study_zpskxcritue.jpg
  • I am doing very well with YT videos with my beautiful SER setup but I am seeing Facebook pages beating me.

    No point spening time trying to work out why and what you should do - just test like F@k and find a winning formula.
  • I do appreciate the sharing of case studies so thank you for that. But like others have said this particular keyword could be ranked for with no link building at all. You could literally put up a youtube video with it and within a few hours be ranking.
  • This is fucking gay.
  • So there's only two of us why OP is doing this, like he said 'its experimental'. Don't you get it?

    @linkedseo keep us updated with your experiment, let see how long it will take to reach page 1 and how long it will last. Please include what to do to maintain it's rank. Appreciate it! :)
  • linkedseolinkedseo NYC
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    Let me just lay it down right here and set all these non supportive members straight and more imput on those that understand what an experiment is.

    Many people and even these so called self proclaimed Gurus say that you can't rank on the first page of Google with GSA Ser. Well as I posted in one so called Gurus blogs that his article is not based on facts which he never posted because he knew I was right.

    Everyone thinks that SEnuke is the only software that has the power to rank page one. A lot of Nukers are using low competition keywords to rank clients to page one which you will see on SEO Clerks or basically any SEO marketplace.

    So I'm taking the same template their using with low competition keywords and using GSA Ser to see if GSA Ser has the exact same fire power as Senuke which I know it does.

    So I'm starting off with the most lowest possible keywords to starts as a test and working my way up to the same low comp keywords they use then med keywords to prove that GSA SER has the power or even more power than SE nuke which functions on a database of accounts to submit from not a list of hundreds and thousands of sites.

    So far as the amount of links SEnuke put out in the template I have been able to create the same amount "2,000 Wiki articles" and (82 Web 2.0 Properties)

    That part has been successful so far.

    Now I will be moving up to the same low comp keywords.


  • Now if you have anything to say about me doing an experiment like that your a F*&%ing dough bag straight up!
    GSA Ser has a lot more power than you think than just using all those garbage spammy links that are getting you nowhere.

    Enough said here
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