What VPS is recommended for GSA

Hi everyone,
I'm just starting with GSA and I'd like to ask you some help for the configuration.
What VPS would you recommend me? I'm seeing solidseovps but I don't know what config would work better
thanks so much


  • I have moved to a dedicated server, but I did use the SCREAMIN VPS from SolidSEOVps and it rocked. They have great service and support.

  • poweruphosting is good
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    I have 2 dedicated servers with Solid and have no complaints at all. I would recomend them.
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    I am using USA High Line of Solid SEO VPS for just $34/mo & I am running at 250 threads with 25 projects running..Solid SEO VPS Rocks.

    If you need more than above then you should go for a dedicated server & FYI I have a coupon of Solid SEO VPS of Dedicated Server Only ,Use Coupon    AFKFOVS4I3
    You will get 10% discounts on every dedicated server on Solid SEO VPS. This Coupon will not work on other baseline VPS by the way.


  • Depends on your budget. If you want value for money, cheapwindowsvps is a good choice.
  • You are mad if you aint getting solid seo
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    Ha ha ha Great @spammasta   how many projects ? any link list ? Which plan you using of Solid ? & also how many proxies ?

    My that one is a somewhat test setting ...$34/mo Solid VPS 250 threads with only 8 private proxies LOL but Yes I was using a  link list
  • Thanks everyone!!
    I've seen the SolidsepVps, and I'd about 10-15 campaings. So I don't know wich plan would be better
    could you give me any advice please?
    thanks so much!
  • @mav, try powerup hosting, hoststage and cheapwindowsvps. Ask them which plan is the best for you, and upgrade if you need more power. I always check for coupon codes on google just to save a few $$ :)
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