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First option:CB - second option: CS X

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You have to uncheck "Try to solve unknown captchers" in CB - that took me 2 hours to find out :-)


  • @toptactics, the GSA CB still didn't pass anything to CSX... :(
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    In each project / tier

    Second tab, the same one as the selecting search engines.

    There is an option there which is missed

    Something like "use all captcha option"

    You can also select use captcha option 1, use captcha option 2



  • Yes, i tried that as well, put 'use all services' inside the projects, then in options set cb as #1, and csx as #2, unchecked 'solve unknown captchas' in CB.. but nothing is forwarded to csx
  • ronron
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    Once you guys sort out the settings, I think you will find that there will be hardly anything that CB cannot solve that CSX can solve. In other words, I think it is a redundant approach.

    I understand the excitement of thinking that you can have two already paid captcha solvers with no extra cost taking a swing at the plate. I just don't think it will yield much.

    What I'm thinking is CB for all general big tiers. And then CB + DBC for important tiers like tier 1 direct to the moneypage where neither CB or CSX can help - like recaptchas and impossible captcha types.

    Just my two cents.

  • ok, i just try it. Just uncheck the use webserver... it works for me.

    Does this effect the GSA CB working?
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    @darman82 Thanks Buddy ! Unchecking webserver did it :)
    I could not find any explanation of the options screen so far officially.. pitty. It makes me wonder IF the webserver setting must be checked at all if used with other services .. ?

    @ron - understand your point totally.. its tempting though since it does not cost anything to try. example you can see csx trying and actually solving some recaptchas, while cb skips or incorrect.

    cb+paid service on 1st tiers however should be invested. On the solving rate between cb and csx, that should first be proved with some extensive testing first. After running CB for 2 days i must say i wasnt totally impressed, there were lots of captchas not solved that i feel csx did, however not a fact or proved.. the csx statistic is not correct, their 'solved' rate does not mean successfully solved.. just that csx had a go at it so you never really know.
  • SvenSven

    Oh CB will never pass anything to CS as it is resolving the IP on it's own and not using the one in host file.

    If you really want to use CB as second solver, use it in SER (not really needed in my eyes). 

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    You have uncheck the settings "run as webserver" to use cs a second option. and be sure the host file is rewritten in the original format from CB as you uncheck the option "run as webserver", so CS can change it in his favor to be able to work.

    One sidefall working with CS X3 on second option is that the processor will be highly claimed.

    With CB only: 30% average processor load
    With CB and CS X:   95% average processor load, but +30% LPM
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Someone got hold of me earlier about CB not passing on captchas to CSX

    Went through the normal checks.

    In the end he found it was where he had imported the CSX captchas, was causing the problem.

    If you get that, DONT PANIC

    Its an easy fix

    Just click on the csx captchas, right click and hit the delete option

  • Thanks Lee for your help... you have really helped out our community.

  • wish the captcha solve %'s were a lot higher ive spent days going through SDK brute force improving captcha breaker captchas to get them to 100% only to have them all wiped out by latest update... I made a thread on it here
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