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How many Page rank 1 back link will b ok please help

hi guys i want to ask a question if i will post my niche site link on page rank 1 sites (10 sites with page rank one sites or 15 sites with page rank 1) so my niche site will b rank on google 1st page rank or not? and the sites who i am going to post link on it have no back link (internal or external and have no traffic on them and alexa rank 0 with no domain authority)

guys sorry for my bad english if i will do this so my site will rank on google 1st page or not? 


  • No mate, it doesn't work like that. There are so many variables, there literally isn't enough time to explain. If you really want to make your website rank, then I suggest you do some serious reading. I spent two years figuring out what I needed to figure out, around my day job, before I even contemplated buying a domain. Before you let SER loose on your site, buy a few .infos and test different strategies (that you will have to read up on or figure out for yourself).

    Plus, try and post in the correct category as this is the Indexer category. 
  • reality is a bitch
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