Registering/Posting Multiple Times on the Same Website [HELP]

Hi everyone
First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I have been studying and using GSA since the beginning of the year. I own both GSA and Captcha Breaker and I must confess I'm in love with the software (compared to the other tools I own) and I'm very thankful for the developers who keep updating and also for this community.

I got a quick question:
Lets say I have a 10k verified list. For my project I need 50k backlinks. The only way to do that is to post over and over again on the same domain/url. How is the best way to approach it? The way I did my setup is by simply duplicating the same project 5 times.

Is there a way I can do the same but setting up just one project? I thought about creating duplicate urls before loading the list, but I'm not sure how I would make the software to re-create accounts on the same url, or if it would be able to submit, by using the same account, on the same url.

Thanks a lot for the insight

Have a good weekend


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