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HowTo : Captcha Breaker Misses Sent To DBC?

edited January 2013 in Need Help
I wanted to set up that the CB misses get sent to DBC.

I noticed that when I did this in GSA and hit test it reads : Hosts file modified by CS or some other program... please check.

I checked in my hosts file and I see that CB has edited it for its functionality.

I then edited the Hosts file... and it stopped CB from working so I edited it back again.

Not sure how to make it work otherwise.

I tried also that the second option in CB is use DBC to solve and it read that it couldn't connect either so I guess this is because of the same Hosts file editing issue.

What to do ?



  • SvenSven

    The changes in the host file do not matter for Captcha Breaker. It can always communicate with the captcha services. Just uncheck the services in the Captcha Breaker options that you don't need to simulate.

  • Thanks Sven, I did that and it looks like it is working now :) Cheers NR
  • JamesJames
    What would work best?

    Sending to a external captcha service like DBC through CB itself or let SER use its secondary captcha option..

  • SvenSven
    @JAMESE I would use the second captcha service in GSA Search Engine Ranker and not the one in Captcha Breaker.
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