Wraping My Head Around Verfied List

So how I used to GSA was just as a stand alone tool. Click the platforms I want to use and do a couple of settings and hit start. Now I read more and more on how you should have a list to post to instead.. I thought I was doing it right but something tells me I am not.

So I am looking at a few list providers and have a few questions if someone can answer for me.

1. I assume these list are verfied that GSA can post to it. How many times over can you use 1 list?

2. How do I import the list into GSA? What is the best video that describes this?

3. Once I have it set how long do I run a campaign on it?

4. Once I got verfied links from it I go back to question 1. Am I done using this list OR can I re load it up again to do a brand new campaign?

5. I tried to scrape my own targeted list from SrapeBox by puttin in my keyword + the footprints of say Social Networks. But when I did it I only did it for 30 min (got scared) and after taking out the dups and trim to root I got left maybe 1600 out of say 120,000. is this normal?

6. ALso once I pull my own targeted list from social networks. How do I put that into GSA and post ONLY to that list of Social Networks. Or say I have a list of Social Networks, Blogs, and Micro Blogs. Can I put all 3 list in and GSA will know that 1 url is a social network and 1 is a micro blog etc?

Where is the best TUT video for list and how to sue them?


  • SerSyncSerSync SerSync.com
    Answers to your questions.

    1. yes the lists are verified lists

    2. You can import them one of two ways. Highlight project, right click and import target urls or use them in your global lists

    3. Entirely up to your project goals. If you want to build thousands of links just let it rip or you can set limits

    4. You can use the list again on different projects

    5. Yes thats normal. I scrape 24/7 and process those scrapes daily.

    6.Same as answer 2.

    pm me if you need help.
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