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Submit urls only one time?


I have 301 redirect pro submitting to my t2 links. Currently I have it so that this software is only submitting to, but it submits the link about 7 times for each url from my t2.

I'm wondering if there is a way to tell the software to only submit each link one time?



  • SvenSven
    you have to edit the script for that.
  • Hey Sven, thanks! Is it intensive editing? What file would I edit?

    Thanks again
  • SvenSven
    the engine file itself
  • I tried to find a tinyurl engine, like in SER, but could not find one. I'm not much of a coder unfortunately.

    The only reason why I'm trying to do this is to save on the usage of my indexing service, when not actually blasting with redirects.
  • edited February 2015

    Do you think you could make this an option in a future release? I really can't figure out what to add or edit. I'm going through each file that it makes and taking one url to be submitted to my indexer. It's really time consuming. I know the software wasn't built to be used like this though, so I understand if you wont.

    I would just use SER but it wont post to tinyurl repeatedly for each link I have doesnt work when I tell it to make a url shortened for each link with the tier option checked (to the same website) for some reason,
  • SvenSven
    another option is using GSA URL Redirect PRO
  • I know, thats what I'm using currently since SER can't do it at all. It's just that GSA URP makes 7 url shortners for each URL imported, and I'm just wanting it to make one, but I am not sure what to edit or add to where to tell the program to only submit each url one time only.

     The reason why is because the 6 extra URL's being submitted to my indexing service is causing an over usage of the service.


  • SvenSven
    Can you pm me the URLs that SER creates and the engines to it? Maybe it's the "Generic URL Shortener" that produces more than one URL?
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