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Using only verified links yet success rate drops all time

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I have list of 6k dfifferent sites, that are all form verified links in GSA.
yet when i post tothem i get around 300-1,5k verified.

i verifie the mmyself, they are all from around 10 CMSes, i have them all ticked. why there are such drops and differences?
6k links to 300 is wack.
but 300 links and 1,5k links in other run is big difference too.


  • SvenSven
    Sorry I can't say anything to this unless I see some logs.
  • can u tell me how to turn on logs or what to paste?
  • SvenSven
    right click on the log window -> copy all or log to file.
  • ok i will log it, sorry for late reply but had some stuff on my head.

    could the issue be that i tick around 10 CMSes? is it possible that GSA tends to fail more if theres more than 2-3 CMSes ticked?
  • edited February 2013
    Sorry i don't want to seem like im jumping on the bandwagon here either, but i was thinking the same.. i've been using just the "verified" links and having a low success rate aswel.. not terribly low, but definately not as many as i expected.. will post logs here 2m when i get a chance aswel to see what you think
  • xStone jump, the more peopel speak about it the sooner it may get fixed :)
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