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Introducing - SuperCharge Your GSA SER With Fresh Lists Daily

Dear linkbuilders,

We've all been there. You buy a link list. You download it. You're excited. You start hitting it hard. Things are good. Verified links piling up.

At first anyway...

Then it slows down. Pretty soon crawling. Now you're right clicking view target urls remaining because you think it must have run out of targets...and there's 122k left.

Why? Because these link lists that promise only "50 COPIES TOTAL" are selling your exact list to 49 other people. And you're ALL hammering that same exact list against multiple projects.

Even if that list really had 200k freshly verified link drops (lettuce be cereal, it didn't...when was the last time you got close to the advertised numbers? Yeah, me too...), by the time you and the crew get done pummelling it, half the sites are down from excessive bandwidth or suffering what is basically a low level DDOS from the hum of a hundred GSA installs plowing into it with 300 threads each.

And then when those webmasters who had the misfortune of ending up on one of those lists get done cleaning up the damage, deleting all your links, well hello negative link velocity. And the corresponding rank drops that go with it.

Don't believe me? Go run a list you bought a month ago. I'll bring the tissues and a cup of warm milk, you're going to need something make you feel better after seeing those numbers.


You don't buy lists. You know better. < Insert 50 monkeys and the same football cliche here>. Not going to end well.

Instead, you set up servers. Multiple. You install Hrefer. Scrapebox. GScraper.

You order proxies. Hundreds of them. You optimize your scraping to match threads to proxies, so you don't burn them out and have to get new ones after they're blocked.

Now you have millions of urls.

Time to process them.

Copying. Pasting. Syncing to dropbox.

And then it's the age old question: do I just hammer these lists with GSA trying to post to them, hoping I don't burn down my servers and proxies with spam complaints?

Or do I take the time to pre-process them with GSA? Which takes literally FOR.EV.ER

Either way, days are going by while you wrassle data.

Other projects are getting neglected...

Sites are not being built.

PBNs are not being updated.

High quality tier 1 links that actually rank sites post penguin getting created? Ain't nobody got time for that...

Split testing your existing traffic? That's a dream. An activity reserved for someone who actually has time.

All because running automation software like GSA is actually really time consuming.

Until now...

GrindLists puts an end to buying lists and getting the same links as everyone else.

GrindLists puts an end to wasted hours spent scraping and filtering your own link lists.

GrindLists sticks a pipe out into the internet and diverts a highly filtered and qualified stream of links straight into your GSA installs.

GrindLists automates fresh link discovery and it does it almost entirely hands free. No two feeds are alike. No repetitive hammering on the same link sets as your competition.

And it takes less than two minutes to set it up. A set up you only have to do one time.

Watch the video on the home page again to see me set it up in less than two minutes. Literally.

Nothing to install. No giving up one of your file folders. You do you want with your setup, we just give you an access point to tie into and use how you want.

Ever wonder what SEO would be like if you could have GSA work like it used to work, back in 2012? Back before all the easy to find targets got ruined?

You can find out. You can experience that. You can experience results like these:

Stats from a week running the verified & identified feeds on one of my user projects testing our public system (notice where I plugged in the Identified feed?):


This site has been ranking in this range for months and months, since early summer. Good tier 1 links buffered by tiers of GrindLists.


Need to build good links to your PBN but you don't know how? PR3+ contextual low OBL dripped in over 2 days running only the identified list.


And you can do it all relatively hands off.

Because when you're not babysitting GSA and importing lists all day, you can go out and do all the important tasks that you need to do to be a successful SEO in this era.

Build good sites.

Build good pumper nets.

Acquire good tier 1 links.

You should probably optimize your traffic too, little changes go a long way there.

But I digress....back to GrindLists.

If you're playing the automated SEO game, you're probably using GSA Search Engine Ranker.

If you're using GSA and you're not using GrindLists, you're on the bottom looking up.

Because your competition is. I've been using it since summer. Others have had access for a month now.

When we sell out our capacity, we'll be done. There's only X amount of X any system can do.

If you miss out now, you might never get a second a chance.

None of my beta testers and early subscribers are giving up their slots. They're actually begging me to stop selling it.

But I haven't changed the game for awhile. Now is the time.

It's up to you to pick which side you want to be on. I'd suggest the winning team. If you chose wisely, I'll see you on the other side.

- Grind

P.S. I'll give three 48 hour review copies. To qualify you must 1) set it up and run links within ONE hour. You must post a screenshot of your results (verified/identified only is fine) within 12 hours. And you must
update the screenshot at the end of your 48 hour review.


How many links do I get?

You get two feeds. One is verified links we've built within the last 24 hours. The other is identified links in the same time frame. Both feeds have a ton of good links.

The small plan has 2000 verified links pumped to your feed daily and 10,000 identified links pumped in every day.

The big plan has 5000 verified links pumped to your feed daily and 50,000 identified links pumped in every day.

You can use one feed. You can use the other feed. You can use both feeds (I do!).

Am I guaranteed 2000 and 5000 verified links every day I run it?

No. Everyones settings/servers/etc are different.

The verified links were built with GSA on big servers running captcha breaker only, all platforms.

Your servers/setups are probably different. You will probably have different results.

We will guarantee this. Your feed will get a minimum of 2000 or 5000 verified links uploaded to it every 24 hours.

They will not be filtered in any way. Filter the pipe to suit your needs after it hits your GSA.

One size fits all because you're doing the final fitting to your specs.

And run the Identified feed, please. We identify with custom Python bots that do a really good job. It's got some trash but there's so much gold in there. And since the Verified lists are only using SER CB, you can get great links from the Identified feed with some different settings with regards to captchas.


I meant to only run 1 link per domain on there but I wasn't paying attention. But still...if it was set up right, 78 PR3+ contextual links on unique domains in 2 days? On autopilot? Yes please...

How does your contextual success rate compare with other lists.

Good question. I've had a couple guys reviewing it for me that are frequent buyers of all the list services.

They are blown away. We had more contextuals verified in 36 hours than they got off a popular list. And we fed them ~15k links, while they had to run ~200k on the comparison list.

Then I told them that I'm not running any captcha services and it's all done with GSA Captcha Breaker software. :)

Imagine if you ran the identified list with paid captcha service and a good Re-Captcha OCR. ;)

How much does it cost?

$67/month and $147/month, respectively.

How do I set it up? Your video sucked.

How Do I Signup?



  • iwebseoiwebseo The Internets
    Signed and tried it. Love the approach it really looks unique. 

    I really love contextual links so, let's see how it goes.
  • Ive been using Grinds service for a few weeks now, my LPM has never been higher or more consistent... Highly recommended...!
  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited January 2015
    Was lucky enough to get on the beta.

    You won't find a better list service for SER.

    That's all I'm saying.
  • I have tried literally every linklist out there and none compare to this list so far. The price is slightly higher than the competition but the saying "You get what you pay for" really applies here.

    Incredibly glad I managed to get on this list before it stops being sold. If the quality stays as consistent as it is now, I doubt I will ever unsubscribe - until GSA becomes obsolete (which is not happening anytime soon, despite what some people want us to think)

    If you're looking for a quality linklist, buy it. Simple as.
  • I was hoping I would never have to write this post. Little bit about me first, I've been using GSA SER since Grind introduced it to me several years ago. Since that time, I have learned how to use the tool inside and out. I've won numerous competitions and have helped a lot of people rank their websites in Google, as well as my own, primarily with GSA SER.

    I've created my own custom engines and have tested just about every single GSA SER addon imaginable. There are some really great addons and some really shitty ones as well. I won't name names, but Grindslists should come DEFAULT with SER, it's that damn good. 

    I remember when I first started using the tool, getting links was difficult. By the time I figured out how to get verified links, I kept having to spend hours each day trying to find new targets as old ones disappeared. Not fun, not fun at all. Not when you have more than 10 projects running at a time. Sound familar? It's a pain in the ass. This service puts an end to all of that. I had it set up in a minute and I never have to scrape for new links again. It's really one of the best services I've used with SER and I really think Sven should buy this out because it's literally set and forget for the lifetime of your project. A+
  • Hope this isn't sold too much!  This is some GSA ganja
  • Thanks for the feedback, guys. Still have plenty of capacity for new signups, the math for the last 5 days works out to less than 4.5 subscribers saw the same verified link in their feed and no duplicates on the identified links. Compare that to your "50 copies only" lists. And don't worry, we have way more than 50 subscribers. So a big influx of new subs won't skew those numbers drastically. PM me with any questions.
  • The skype group is worth the cost of admission. The lists are just gravy.

    move along...nothing to see here
  • edited February 2015
    OP was very kind and offered me a review copy of the smaller package. There is not much to say here, the pic says it all.

    The service is really easy to set up and in case you have any problems, OP is always there to help you. 

  • This is an amazing list and skype group. I have never seen such a HUGE increase in my GSA effectiveness. This is some really pro shit. Highly recommended
  • Cheers guys, appreciate the feedback. Glad you took a review copy, @delysid. Thought I offered those up for no reason after no on asked for a few weeks lol.

    Yesterdays numbers or as I like to call it, why aren't you using a daily list again dot png.

  • Hi , this list only need CB for slove cpatcha ? how many domains with PR3+ ( contextual links ) you have in your list average ?

  • Hi , this list only need CB for slove cpatcha ?

    The verified feed is built 100% with CB only and yahoo emails. Lowest common denominator, everyone should be able to build links to them. The identified feed, I highly recommend using a recaptcha OCR + Bandit IM's text solver, you'll get A LOT more links.

    how many domains with PR3+ ( contextual links ) you have in your list average ?

    No idea. To process at the scale and speed we're moving at every day, PR checking isn't part of the equation. I have some PR2+ only projects running on my personal servers using only the verified and identified feeds that have over 12k links (multi post pretty sure) after a couple weeks.
  • what recaptcha ocr do you recommend? pm if you like. 

  • I'm personally using Eve, a bunch of guys in the skype group are using Captchatronix. 

    To be clear though, you don't have to run any OCR to take advantage of the verified or indentified would only give you more verifieds out of the identified feeds. 
  • Thanks for the reviews guys. Updating some backend infrastructure which allowed us to roll out an update over the last 48 hours.

    All Identified Feeds Have Been Increased By 50%.

    So the small plan now gets 15k identified every 24 hours, the big plan gets 75k every 24.

    Running only the identified feed on my test server for 2+ months now, with GSA Captcha Breaker + + BanditIm text service, getting almost 32% verified out if it. Day in, day out. This ain't your momma's identified feed, two part identification process to maximize your chance of getting links out of it.

    As always, the verified feed was built with Captcha Breaker only, so that's all you need to maximize the value there. 

    Thanks, hit me up if you have any questions.
  • Its too expensive compared to the other service.

    Its a shame, i would have joined otherwise.
  • There's a saying, you get what you pay for. We firmly believe our service is the best value for the price available. There are cheaper options available, perhaps you should check those out? Good luck.
  • I don't normally drop in and leave reviews, however, IF YOUR NOT USING THIS LIST YOUR MISSING OUT.

    The list is great and I am getting terrific VPM numbers on a daily basis. 

    PLUS the Skype mastermind that comes with it is GOLD!!
  • Hi i just subscribed to your lists but i didn't get emails or info after payment. Could you help me?
  • Sent to your paypal address a couple hours after you signed up but you already know that from other channels. :)

    Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for signing up.
  • Bump. Rewrote the scrapers, efficiency bumped 20% + and rock steady.

    Here's what got pumped into subscriber feeds as of 1 minute ago. Fresh lists for the win.

  • artlanartlan Canada
    Hey Grind,

    I am fairly new to GSA so forgive me if this question is elementary...but in your verified list package...does each user get their own unique 2000/5000 verified links daily? How about identified?

    My concern would be that if each person gets the same verified link list every day, the targets would be spammed to death really quickly.

    Also, now that Eve has been shelved, what recaptcha ocr do you recommend for the identified list?
  • halyosyhalyosy jakarta
    this really interesting 

    i guess there's no discount code right :D

    how much i can spam the list ? if i have 20 project will it works through it?
  • I am fairly new to GSA so forgive me if this question is elementary...but in your verified list package...does each user get their own unique 2000/5000 verified links daily? How about identified?

    Depending on the days throughput, each verified link in a singular feed will be shared with 3-8 other users. Not the entire feed will be duplicated per 3-8 users but that's the average overlap daily.

    Much better than the 50 oversold lists that get shared and fiverred to death but yeah, lists get hit hard. They all do.

     It will always be less than 10 users seeing any same link in a day or I'll cap it. That's my personal quality threshold.

    Also, now that Eve has been shelved, what recaptcha ocr do you recommend for the identified list?

    I'm testing them all, I can't say I like any of them. They all slow it down way too much. I'm looking into alternative methods of procuring the "good" links.
  • i guess there's no discount code right :D

    Good guess. :)

    how much i can spam the list ? if i have 20 project will it works through it?

    As much as you want, it's your feed. You can run it on two GSA installs. Any more than that call home to our server and it gets blocked until we talk about it. Hammer down or feather touch, I don't care what you do with it once it gets pumped into your install(s).
  • Bumping because got a message asking if still available. Yes it is. 

    Yesterdays statistics:

  • Bumping because had some BHW buddies ask me if service is still available. Not only still available, still kicking butt. How do I know? 

    When guys cancel for 1-2 months then re-subscribe and tell me they tried every cheaper option and the results were horrible compared to just paying for quality, I know. Re-subs are actually my favorite subs. I know they tested us against the competition and came back. Quality costs but it's a lot less expensive than wasting your time.
  • Still worth it?
  • MaXMaX Portugal
    please send me a link to subscribe I dont seem to be able to find it anywhere.
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