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Discount for Captcha Breaker?

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Any Discount captcha breaker if you own GSA search enginer ranker and indexer? this software is more expensive than both of them

I hope you consider having a discount for people who already bought the other software as exclusive thanks


  • I think if you are a SER user? or something .. I think sven might give us a discount :)
  • Asked a very close member to Sven and the answer is no from him.

    But think about it, how many of his customers use SER?

    He would be giving out a discount to like 90% of his customers I'm sure.

    BUT since Sven didn't say no I'm crossing my finger because I want multiple CB's :)
  • I just tested it and cb looks overpriced for me. I was able to solve only 6 captchas from 100 correctly and 0 from 12 recaptchas. So looks like I will stay with captcha sniper & secondary services until good cb discount or until correct captchas solved % will much more than now.
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    CS can't solve recaptcha either though. I have 4 license of CS so I'm not a CS basher but I'm interested in what platform CB failed on and what CS's percentages look like for the same captcha.

    I don't see any warnings in CB about size conflicts and so I have all the captcha's selected and to me that alone means I would pay a little more for CB. Have to see though if it's actually ok to do that.

    But with that said even though CS has 400 captchas now you have to keep in mind that if you run more than 1 program or target more than 1 platform that you will not be able to select all 400 captchas.

    Also, the work space in CS is that of 5 years ago, with 400 plus captchas and only being able to view 3-4 at a time in the window if you were to go one by one and select all the compatible captchas it's extremely tedious and annoying that you can't expand the program. 

    I love CS and it saved me money but I think CB is superior based on user friendliness and from my own runs it seems on par with CS for success, but way too early to give a final verdict.

    There is one thing though that I like about CB and that's Sven, he is a programming genius adding everything requested to SER, although I think the layout for GSA SER is a bit messy, but it does more than programs 5x it's price.

    With that said I have no doubt that Sven will continue to improve CB just like GSA and the ease of sharing and adding user defined captcha's is hands down easier by a mile with CB and with the following of GSA SER you will be having a huge opportunity to get great user added definitions just do to crowd sourcing. Seriously, I own the top I.M products and I will say the willingness to share in the GSA SER community is one of the best out there, if a fraction of that following gets CB I have no doubt that almost any captcha you encounter will eventually be added to CB.

  • I never doubt @sven, but i will doubt csx admin to improve cs. Did you know that cs only update 4 times since they release? Compare to @sven product. Even the GSA SEO Indexer that i buy already update more then 4 times since i buy it a month ago. Don't mention GSA SER.

    Sven always listen to his customer suggestion and improve the product, unlike CS. If you mention something they will said they will update it. but you ill have to wait for month or years for the update.

    +1  @sven and his team for his great support
    +1 @ozz for his support in this forum and helping us make GSA SER better and better each day..
  • EttiennevStadenEttiennevStaden Cape Town
    edited January 2013
    I just downloaded the demo and I have to say I'm quite impressed. I'm just waiting for a reply via email about the Paypal option not being on the order page (for me, probably works for others) and the "if paypal link is missing, click here" link that's not working.

    Please, but tell us if you plan on launching a WSO (warrior forum special) with a discount, because the last thing I want to see if I pay $147 today is a discounted version in a day/month/week's time.

    I honestly don't know why people complain about the price, being a professional SEO guy you wouldn't believe how much I've spent on services like deathbycaptcha over the years... THOUSANDS (dollars). So, even though $147 might seem like a lot, it will save you thousands in the long run.
  • iwebseoiwebseo The Internets
    s4nt0s posted on BHW that the discount price will be $117 which is great, so with VAT that makes $140.40 which again is great price.
  • Guys,

    I just bought CB and its not solving re-captcher very well. Its solve rate is hovering at about 47% after solving 3K captchas. I've never used CS, so I cant compare. All I know is I trust Sven. He actually seems to care about the products he develops and listens to us, the users :)
  • Just got it running... nice... I paid full price but feel that it's worth it. With so many forum members behind it already as testers and showing off their submission rates etc CB is worth every cent for the blood, sweat and tears that Sven has put into this. Thanks Sven!
  • SvenSven
    edited January 2013

    Please stop bagging for discounts and bashing on prices. It's the final price now.

    Thanks @nicerice

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