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200 Web 2.0 Manual Backlinks From Top Brand Sites(List Inside) Very Affordable Price!

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Click Here To Order!

We are giving away 5 sample packs of 20 links each. The only requirement is that you have 50+ karma or 50 posts. Please reply to this thread to claim one.

Our E-mail:
Skype: Atlas_Network



  • I have 50+ karma - please send me a sample pack - thank you!
  • not sure if i qualify but I have been around for quite some time. 
  • You both do! :D I'm PMing you guys now.
  • Count me in for a sample pack pls
  • Hey davbel,

    Great! I'm PMing you now.
  • Just got the sample report and I like what I see . I did a quick indexing check and about 10 of the 20 delivered have already been indexed. I also received some tier links  ( with 100% unique domains shazam !) to get some juice flowing.
    I think the best way to use these is along with your PBN blasts ( exacts with PBN - branding and URL with Ross' service ) . These can also be used for ORM - these rank pretty easily
  • I'm in for review copy.
  • Thank you so much for the review @Spammasta. I really appreciate it!

    And Sorry Miki, all reviews have been given out(we gave out 15 in total).
  • I got the sample report a few days ago, firstly like to say that it was very easy to work with James and he provided all that he said he would, so great service! Waited a couple of days to see if there was any change in ranking but did not see any so I agree with @spammasta - "the best way to use these is along with your PBN blasts...".

    A good addition to overall SEO strategy!
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    Thanks @newbieseo for the review. Really appreciate it. And you guys are right this service should be used as an overall strategy with PBN(especially for competitive keywords). The reason I prefer this service is that PBNs are getting de-indexed left and right where Google is leaving these types of links alone.

  • Do we get a report of the tier2 links too?
  • Hi Cherub,

    Yes, we will provide all of the links in a link report. :D
  • Had a review copy from @jamesross and he over delivered - gave me 29 instead of the 20, of which half are already indexed.

    As @spammasta already mentioned he also included some T2 links.

    Test site I used went from page 4 to top of page 2 - and no, I'm not guaranteeing you'll have the same results :))
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    Wow @davbel, thank you so much for the kind review.

    Please feel free to request samples here or ask us any questions.
  • cherubcherub UK
    edited March 2015
    Ordered on the 2nd March but no report yet. Transaction ID XXXX8654
  • edited March 2015
    Hi Cherub,

    Sorry for the delay. We are actually working on your order right now and will have it out late tonight.

    We have 20+ orders in our queue so the service is on hold. Please leave a message here or PM us if you want to order the service and we will notify you once we have caught back up. Thank you all so much for the orders. We really appreciate it.

  • All looks good, and over-delivered too!
  • Thank you so much Cherub, and sorry about the delay. :D
  • manubossmanuboss
    can you please give me sample, i have 50+ karma
  • I have a karma bank, can i get the sample to test your service... L-)
  • I'll try, looks affordable and domains you promise post are big brands.
  • Announcement: We have re-opened the service and are now accepting new orders.

    Please feel free to request samples here or ask us any questions.

    Also, here is a few more reviews:

  • Is this safe to point to my PBN sites?
  • Hey a514623669

    Yes, it's very safe, but I would actually point them at your money sites. Out of hundreds of clients we have never had any trouble with this service. The pages are setup to look real and have unique descriptions. 

  • Replied to your PM.... 
  • How did the sites with this service applied react to the recent Google algorithm updates?
  • Announcement! We are offering 30% on the next 3 orders. Please PM us to reserve yours or to see samples.
  • AdrianAdrian USA
    edited June 2016
    I could try it
  • Thanks Adrian, I replied to your PM. :D
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