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manubossmanuboss https://seorankhigher.net/service/
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Now i know how to rank, we all now that we have to focus on quality over quantity.
Gsa is the perfect tools for that but i just add a little other soft ;-)

I build my tier 1 with money robot submitter

Only web 2.0 quality backlinks, i get more with this soft that with serengines.

Than i take m web 2.0 created with money robot submitter and blast them in Gsa with contextual links, than with junk links.

I rank on first page of google in 2 weeks on low and moderate niche.
For high competitive keywords, i build 1 campaign/week on money robot, than blast more and more with GSA.

And you, do you also tried this software? 
I also test Rankwyz to build web 2.0 in tier 1.

You can also build quality tier 1 , than use gsa redirect, than create thousand of links to redirect url, don't have the time to try only this and wait for result.

What do you think about this technic?

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  • Clearly, this is a cheap way to promote your site full of affiliate links promoting other tools.

    Rank any website in top of Google? You can't even rank your site and now you are telling us you can rank any website?

    This thread is so pathetic I hope this gets deleted.
  • manubossmanuboss https://seorankhigher.net/service/
    my website is premiumreferencement.com/linklist/ and i sell Linklist. I just put a link where i read for the first time more about this tools. And speak about the technic of creating web 2.0 than blasting with gsa. So if you want to tell me more about your strategy you're welcome
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
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    @manuboss we don't believe you. If you really wanted to tell us about software, you would like directly to the software instead of to a third party site.

    Why does your Rankwyz link go through a redirect instead of directly to Rankwyz.com? Because it's an affiliate link. You can try to deny it, but we've all been down this road with spammers.

    And by the way, your strategy is to build web 2.0's then blast them with SER. I summed up your whole post without any affiliate links.
  • manubossmanuboss https://seorankhigher.net/service/
    and what do you think about this strategy? do you already try this? any result. I can tell i have good result with this.

    My question is build web 2.0 , use gsa redirect on web 2.0 than blast with gsa. But blast what? only contextual? or everything but with min pr 1 ...
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
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    I think the strategy is fine, web 2.0's will rank well for certain terms and locations.
  • manubossmanuboss https://seorankhigher.net/service/
    thanks you, i also wonder if Gsa redirect is better than use url shortner in gsa?

    Because using url shortner is more easy, just duplicate the project, send juice to tier 1 but can select only dofollow link ...
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