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More than 60 users registered on my domain (Wordpress installed)

I just installed Wordpress on one of my blog for couple of days now, nothing on that website yet, not even a single post.......but, I see that more than 60 users has been registered, I didn't promote that domain yet........... have any explanation ?



  • Spambot, Spammers lol
  • Just curious, is your blog indexed in Google yet?

    To everyone else,
    How would bots find the website so fast?
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    That would be weird if the domain is not indexed and new, but if it's expired domain it's quite possible some other domains link to it, quite possible through 301 , give it a check in ahrefs or majestic and find out if there aren't built any links to that domain already, this might give you an idea where from the bots come. You can also install stats on that WP domain and check the referer.
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    Yes, blog has been indexed couple of times in Google because I installed Wordpress more than two months ago & posted couple of lines to make it a bit mature.

    Ha ha ha...we are part of blackhat community & yet our website is the victim of it. no one is safe online. (and also I didn't do anything to protect it)
  • Ahh mystery solved then. LOL and your right Tarana, but what's good for the moose is good for the goose. :D
  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
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    Well i've read somwhere that "as a blackhatter u become your own enemy once u want the big money . Big money: CPA as advertiser."

    theres something in it  :)>-
  • spikedealerspikedealer United States
    Probably they are spammers who are using intelligent bots to scrape such blogs like yours. All you need is some plugin that can fully protect your blog, I agree with Tarana that no one is safe in the online world, and we have to be prepared for it.
  • such blogs are not good for work. because todays people are scraping the useless blog lists. and any body can easily register such a blogs. but can register just once.. after the sign out your account will disappear forever..mostly people are greedy.. they just think to having the best PA and DA blog domain. ut its not proper work as we want.. 

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